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We have a cocker spaniel that had been having a bad infection in her ears for nine months, we took her to a vet and paid three hundred dollars with no results. I mixed up a concoction that I found on the Internet with no results. Then I found this product and ordered it and the results were almost immediate. Her ears quit oozing and now they are looking normal. I'm continuing to use it once a week and she is feeling so much better.

- G. Chandler

This product works great. Within 2 days my buddy was feeling normal and no more scratching that ear,yelping,or shaking of his head. Delivery was fast. I choose standard and it was here in 2 days. That in itself was amazing.

- F. Knighton

What a surprise! Two treatments, no swelling. Four days, normal ears. Wish I had before/after dated pictures.

- Gale M.