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6 Ways to Get Your Dog Involved on NYE

29th December, 2016

2017 is around the corner! The fun and celebrations are about to begin, but for your dog this can be a stressful and well, boring time. But you can make this New Year’s Eve special for your furry best friend. Here are some ideas on how to get your dog involved in this year’s festivities.

1. Play Dress Up

Everyone dresses up for NYE, why not let your dog do the same? It might come as a surprise, but some love fun new outfits. Plus, you’ll probably get a ton of likes on Facebook if your dog is wearing an awesome 2017 hat or something homemade that you got creative about!

Dog in a costume

2. Get Your Dog a Gift

You might be going out to a lot of social functions and spending a little less time with your best friend. Or maybe this is the season when you go on vacation. To make sure that your dog doesn’t miss you too much, give them an engaging gift. The best gifts for dogs can vary from a few of their favorite treats to new chew toys. A note of caution – if you are going to wrap your dog’s gift, stay away from string and tape that can be hazardous to your pet.

dog and a christmas tree

“I was just hurrying to unpack my present!”

3. Have a Doggy Date

You may not be the only socialite in the family. Your dog loves interacting with others as well. If you have social dog, who loves playing with others in a friendly manner, visit some friends and family together. This will also help lower separation anxiety if your dog suffers from it.

Funny dog

“I am ready to visit Bob, Bruno, Prince, Marcy, Sydney, Murphy, Tootsie…who else was on that list…”

4. Go on a Treasure Hunt

Remember how fun it was to go on a treasure hunt when you were a kid? You can do that now with your pup! Just tuck away some treats for the hunt and find them together. This can also be a great time for you to learn how sensitive their nose is and appreciate their tracking abilities. Along the way, remember to congratulate your pet and give some words of encouragement. It adds to the fun and your dog’s self-esteem.

a cat on a christmas tree

“I was looking for treasure!”

5. Bake Some Treats

As you bake up a cake or a pie you can throw in a couple of delicious treats for your dog. After all, if everyone else will be having their favorite treats, it is only fair that you remember your pets as well. Dog treats are simple and easy to cook so that shouldn’t take much time. To make them special, use a bone-shaped cookie cutter. But remember that your pet can’t always eat human food – sugar and chocolates can be very dangerous and should be avoided.

Cat and dog in a santa hat

6. Have a Puppy Party!

Does your dog have friends at the park? Why not organize a little puppy party for all of the dogs! Let them have a blast, roll around and chase each other in the backyard. That is something that your pet will absolutely love. After all, what’s better than starting the New Year with all your friends around?

“Having fun here!”

“Having fun here!”

There you have it. Great ways that you can get your dog up and about during NYE and let them feel a part of the festivities. You know your dog’s personality best, so choose the one thing that will be the most fun for your furry friend.

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