Dog Approved People Foods – Part Two

It’s common to hear all about the dangers of feeding people-foods to our pups. Chocolate is famously bad for dogs, but where do we stand on types of grains, honey, or different types of vegetable? T...
20th June, 2017

Dog Approved People Foods – Part One

We all know the mantra that says people food is bad for our pups. Keeping them on a diet that is specifically designed for dog nutrition is a must. But those puppy eyes kick in with that attentive gaz...
15th June, 2017

How Dogs Taste Their Food – It’s More Important Than You Might Think

Ever wonder what food is like for our furry Fidos? They love a good steak. But they also happily chew on roadkill. They enjoy peanut butter popsicles. Then they turn around and eat out of the garbage....
13th June, 2017

8 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet for World Pet Memorial Day

Every year, the second Sunday of June is World Pet Memorial Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate our best friend while preserving their memory.   As devoted pet parents, we are devast...
8th June, 2017

Social PET-working Month

Social what-working? That’s right. June is Social PETworking month. Millions of people have at least social media account. We use them to stay in touch with loved ones, follow celebrities, find the ...
6th June, 2017

You Might be a Pet Guardian if …

Whether we are pet parents to dogs, cats, or both, there’s no denying that there are just some things we can all relate to in the best possible ways. Sometimes with an eye roll, sometimes a nod of f...
1st June, 2017

Hug Your Cat Day

Some say it’s May 31st and others insist on June 4th. While the official date of Hug Your Cat Day is hotly debated each year, at Vet Organics, we happen to know every day is Hug Your Cat Day. So, th...
30th May, 2017

Responsible Animal Guardianship: Ways to Participate & Celebrate

We love our pets and consider them a member of our families, right? But is love enough? Of course not. Even though every day is a great day to check-in and make sure we are doing all we can for our fr...
25th May, 2017

Dog Bite Prevention for Pet Guardians

Dogs are loyal and devoted. They’re adoring and adorable. They are famously known as our best friends. But when a dog bites us or someone else, it can seem like a betrayal of everything we understan...
23rd May, 2017

How to Live with Pet Allergies

Our pets are our best friends. But for many, they can also be the source of wheezing, sneezing, asthma attacks, and more. Pet allergies are more common than people realize. According to the Asthma and...
18th May, 2017

Poisonous Plants for Cats & Their Skin

This time of year means we are inspired by the outdoors. Many of us are planting gardens as well as bringing more greenery indoors for window planters and patio planters. Veggies, flowers, foliage, an...
16th May, 2017

Poisonous Plants for Dogs & Their Skin

Spring is upon us and Summer is fast approaching. That means longer beautiful walks with our dogs, but it also means our gardens are well underway. Whether landscaping, flowers, or vegetable gardening...
11th May, 2017
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*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.
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