Pyewww! Stinky Dog Breath: What You Need to Know

Our dogs love us. They love to slobber on us. They love to snuggle and cover us in fur. And they love to breathe on us. Pyewww! If a dog has stinky breath, we know it. Sometimes we can smell it coming...
15th August, 2017

DOGust: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs Month

You read that correctly. ‘DOGust,’ not August. DOGust is a yearly, month long celebration for all shelter pups and rescues. We don’t know their past, so we don’t know when shelter dogs...
10th August, 2017

An Infographic Guide to Ear Mites in Dogs

Ear infections and other challenges can keep our dogs uncomfortable and sometimes in pain. As fellow dog guardians we understand the sense of helplessness that can accompany having a dog under our car...
9th August, 2017

National Work Like a Dog Day – August 5th

How many colloquial sayings and idioms are inspired by dogs? Tons! Our favorite is the all too common phrase, work like a dog. Each year, August 5th is National Work Like a Dog Day, and while this par...
3rd August, 2017

The Everything Guide to Ear Mites in Dogs

There are many pests that can plague our homes: termites, ants, mosquitos, dust bunnies, freeloaders. When we have fur-babies, there are even more pests to watch for like, fleas and ticks. One remarka...
1st August, 2017

National Mutt Day

Mutts are so special that National Mutt Day is celebrated on July 31st AND on December 2nd, every year. Twice the celebration means twice the opportunity to make a difference in the day or the life of...
27th July, 2017

National Dog House Repair Month

As a member of the family our fur-babies live in the house with us, but sometimes we leave a dog house in the yard to give our pup options. Whatever way we choose to display our canine companion’s g...
25th July, 2017

National Craft For Your Local Shelters Day

There’s a national day for nearly every occasion. Potatoes, buttons, and even nerds have a day of recognition. Luckily, there are many national days that give us the opportunity to celebrate the org...
20th July, 2017

Infographic: Comprehensive Guide to Ticks & Pet Safety

Did you know ticks can live just about anywhere, year-round? And they carry diseases that can infect our canine companion as well as our human family. Luckily, we’ve got a few resources for you ...
18th July, 2017

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month

The Fourth of July is a time for get-togethers, celebrations, barbecues, and of course, sparklers and fireworks. As much fun as the Fourth is for most of us; it’s also the number one day of the year...
13th July, 2017

Your Must-Have Guide to Tick-Borne Illnesses in Dogs

Ticks are everywhere. They can survive in just about every climate, and unlike mosquitos, ticks have no season. They can be especially prevalent under the right conditions, usually around summer time,...
11th July, 2017

Getting Rid of Ticks: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, a tick has been found, and it’s attached to your poor pooch. Ticks populate nearly every part of the world, and they can survive and thrive in a range of climates. That means dealing with these ...
6th July, 2017
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