Purina Introduces Dog Energy Bar

Do you have a dog that is always on the run? Perhaps you’ll be interested in testing out the newest product from Purina: a canine energy bar. While energy drinks and bars have long been a staple of ...
30th August, 2014

Cat Bites: A Hidden Danger

If you own a cat, odds are good that cat has probably bitten you. Cats are often playful in nature, and quite a few cats express this playfulness by scratching and biting their owners. It’s easy to ...
24th August, 2014

Does Owning a Pet Make You a Better Person?

Anyone who has owned a pet can attest to the fact that it is a rewarding, if sometimes challenging, experience. Pet ownership comes with complications and responsibilities, but also with affection and...
18th August, 2014

Local Business Now Offering Pet Food Delivery

You’ve heard of pizza delivery and perhaps even grocery delivery, but what about pet food delivery? Anderson’s Healthy Pet Depot, a Wheeling, Ohio-based business specializing in providing pet owne...
6th August, 2014

Harness Technology to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

Pet owners are now more than ever focused on keeping their pets healthy and happy. People with dogs in their lives are investing in premium foods, doggy health insurance, regular daycare and grooming,...
31st July, 2014

Grocery Stores Stock Up on Pet Meds

You may not need to head to the pet store or your vet in search of pet-specific medicines for long. A growing number of grocery stores and pharmacies in the United States are adding select pet medicat...
25th July, 2014

OCD Insight through Your Dog’s Tail-Chasing

Have you ever seen a dog so completely obsessed with chasing his own tail that it seems as though the entire outside world has ceased to exist for him?* Pretty much every dog chases his own tail from ...
19th July, 2014

Pets Provide Big Benefits to Senior Homes

When the time comes to make a transition from home life to a senior living center, many seniors are searching for communities with a very specific stipulation: pets must be allowed to come with. It ma...
13th July, 2014

Does Your Dog Give You Therapeutic Benefits?

The reason that dogs and humans are mostly friendly to one another is that over hundreds of years we have proven to be valuable allies. Dogs provide protection and companionship while humans provide a...
7th July, 2014

Merck and Elanco Criticize the Critics

In news that is unlikely to surprise anyone, industry-leading animal health companies Elanco and Merck Animal Health have taken issue with a recent Texas Tech study that calls into question the safety...
1st July, 2014

FDA Seeks Aid from Veterinary Labs to Protect Animal Health

You may not know this, but the United States Food and Drug Administration has an entire department dedicated to protecting the health of animals. Veterinary scientists work in this department to ensur...
26th June, 2014

Pet Owners Often Spend More on Pets than Themselves

It’s no secret that pet owners love their pets. They invest in high quality foods, they take their pet to the veterinarian when it gets sick, and they buy billions of dollars’ worth of goods and s...
19th June, 2014
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*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.
Vet Organics supplements are manufactured from natural and organic materials known to improve a pet's health regimen and quality of life. If you suspect that your pet may be suffering from a severe medical condition, consult your veterinarian immediately.