Americans are Choosing Dogs Over Kids

Once upon a time, the American dream involved buying a house, having a nice car in the garage, and settling down to start a family that involved at least one child. Nowadays a tough economy, increased...
9th June, 2014

New Proposal Creates Emergency Protocol for Saving Pets

If your house catches on fire or a flood strikes your neighborhood, you probably feel safe knowing that the fire department and other emergency services will immediately be on their way to help you es...
5th June, 2014

Would You Watch a Reality Show About Overweight Pets?

If there’s one thing people seem to love, it’s reality shows about weight loss. Millions of viewers tune to shows like The Biggest Loser to watch contestants sweat, work, and diet their way to a h...
2nd June, 2014

Hedgehogs are America’s New Favorite Pet

When you think about pets, what do you imagine? Dogs? Cats? Maybe a little goldfish in a bowl? As it turns out, one of the most popular pets in America right now has more in common with your garden va...
29th May, 2014

The Strengthening of Pet Protection Laws

Victims of domestic violence often succumb to threats of their animals by their abusers, and the New Hampshire legislature is considering laws to protect pets from that abuse. But giving “rights...
27th April, 2014

Dog Food Brands Eukanuba and Iams Sold to Candy Maker

Mars, the company most known for its worldwide brands such as M&Ms, Snickers, and Life Savers, is expanding its reach into the pet market. Adding to its current pet food brands Whiskas and Pedigre...
24th April, 2014

Pet Owners Choose Prosthetics to Help Legless Pets

This inspiring YouTube Video, which went viral recently, showed millions of viewers that a dog is still a dog, even with just two legs.  However some veterinarians think the strain put on the dog can...
22nd April, 2014

FDA Warns Cat Owners to Keep Lilies Away from Cats

The FDA has warned that cat owners need to be diligent keeping lilies away from cats, especially during the Easter season. The white, trumpet-shaped Easter lily appears in many homes as a popular holi...
16th April, 2014

Cities Move to Ban Puppy Mill Animals in Pet Stores

In order to restrict the sales of animals from puppy mills, the city of Chicago has implemented an outright ban on the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits at pet stores. The move was spurred by The...
14th April, 2014

Are Pets Healthier Than Their Owners?

People’s animals are becoming healthier than their owners as people focus more and more on pet health and nutrition although they maintain the same hectic lifestyles for themselves. We took a ra...
7th April, 2014

Seniors Spending More on Pets

As baby boomers get older, they are focusing more of their attention on their pets. As a result, ‘Pets and Hobbies’ is one of the top five growth categories for people in the 65 to 74 age ...
3rd April, 2014

Be Careful Buying Pet Medications Online

The FDA says that consumers should be careful when buying pet medications online. Previous investigations have found companies selling counterfeit products, expired drugs and unapproved medications. W...
31st March, 2014
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