Ways to Spoil Your Pet

Just like with children, it’s always other folks who have spoiled pets. Your pets are simply well cared for, right?  The following are some unusual ways in which people spoil (or care for) their dogs and cats: Treat Delivery Service How about a box loaded with things your dog will love delivered right to your door each month? Well, that’s exactly what BarkBox offers! On their website, you simply select your dog’s size and then choose from a variety of plans. For just $...
23rd August, 2015

National Dog Day

Dogs are our best friends, right? So what better way to thank our best friends than with a nationwide day to honor them? Mark your calendar now for National Dog Day on August 26th! This special day wa...
22nd August, 2015

No More Cargo: Dogs Flying First Class in Record Numbers

  In the olden days of air travel, the only way to bring a pet along with you was to put him in a container and wish him luck in the plane’s cargo hold. As opinions have changed about the value...
21st August, 2015

The wonderful tale of Omid the dog

Every once in a while, along comes a story that warms the cockles of the heart (wherever they lurk in one’s organism?!).   The story of a plucky little dog is one of those stories. Omid (pronou...
20th August, 2015

Snoopy: The Most Beloved Cartoon Dog

Snoopy, the creation of cartoonist Charles Schultz for the comic strip Peanuts, is one of the best known and best-loved cartoons on the block, and certainly one of the most iconic pets around. Schultz...
17th August, 2015

Puzzles and Games for Dogs Increasing in Popularity

Humans love a good puzzle or an interesting iPad app. And, as it turns out, so do dogs. The market for interactive dog toys and products is booming, with millions being spent every year on products that not only allow your dog to play and have fun, but force him to think and solve problems along the way. Everywhere you look, new dog products are showing up that put your dog’s intelligence to the test and help him exercise his instincts. There’s the automatic ball launcher...
15th August, 2015

Pets & Plants – Have Both With No Worries

Nothing adds beauty to a home like houseplants, and they even clean the air inside. But you may have thought that having a pet pretty much ruled out having plants inside.  Good news!  Just because y...
13th August, 2015

How to Stop Your Dog From Licking His Paws

Like humans, dogs sometimes feel itchy. And the best way to handle an itch is to scratch it. Since dogs don’t have hands, they’ll often use their mouths to scratch the itchy parts of their body. S...
10th August, 2015

7 Great Inventions for Pet Owners

We all know that owning a pet is worthwhile but not always cheap. In fact, last year pet owners spent nearly $60 billion on food and supplies, health care, grooming, and boarding costs. With that kind...
9th August, 2015

Take the Right Steps to Find Your Missing Pet

There is nothing as gut-wrenching as the feeling of a pet gone missing. It’s something no one should have to experience. If you do find yourself dealing with a missing pet, there are steps you s...
7th August, 2015

America Now has a Cat Café

More than ever, Americans are flocking to places that allow their dogs to come with. Dog-friendly bars, hotels, and even sightseeing tours are quickly rising in popularity. But what about cats? Don’...
5th August, 2015

EPA Says Toxic Chemicals can Stay in Flea Collars

Thinking about purchasing a flea collar for your canine companion? You might want to think again. In a move advocates are calling “an enormous setback,” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ha...
31st July, 2015
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