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Pet Weight Struggles a Real Concern

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Pet Weight Struggles a Real Concern Obesity is not a natural condition, and can cause diabetes in your pet. Plenty of humans have trouble managing their weights. But this problem isn’t unique to people —dogs, cats, and other family pets often have the very same issue. Pet owners looking to give their animals the best possible quality of life are often generous with food and treats, leading to a scenario where an animal might be getting a bit too much food. Combine that with the average person’s busy schedule and you’ve got a situation where pets are eating more but exercising less. Obesity in pets is a serious issue. Dogs and cats with obesity are more prone to a number of life-threatening diseases and have a lower quality of life than dogs and cats with healthy weights. With a recent study pinning around 54% of American pets as obese, there’s clearly a massive health epidemic spreading through living rooms and backyards across the country. Perhaps most troubling is that obesity in pets is easily avoidable, as your pet’s food intake is controlled entirely by you. Here are some tips for managing your pets’ weight:
No Table Scraps - Only feed your dog the meals he’s supposed to receive in the proper, veterinarian-recommended amounts. Do not give him treats from the table or your leftovers, and ensure your guests follow the same rules.
Feed Your Pets While You Eat - Syncing your meal times makes it easier to avoid a begging dog and to stick with your new commitment to giving your pet only the food he’s supposed to have.
Set New Rules - Tell your dog “No” when he tries to beg for scraps. Keep him out of the kitchen while you cook. And stay consistent in enforcing these rules. No exceptions. Remember: Your pet’s life is on the line. You have to be smarter and stronger than he is. It’s also important to remember one core truth: Dogs and cats need exercise every day. If your dog isn’t getting 45 minutes of play time in the yard or at the park, you’re increasing the difficulty on controlling his weight. Besides, a quick jog with the dog is good for both of you, so why not make it a habit?

Craig Davis

Craig is an entrepreneur and business executive with an extensive background in all aspects of small business management. As a long-time dog advocate and guardian, he founded Vet Organics to develop an affordable, all-natural, safe, and effective dog ear infection remedy. With the help of natural chemists and botanical experts, Vet Organics products have helped thousands of dogs around the world find relief for painful, chronic ear infections. Craig went on to design powerful all-natural formulas that address a variety of dog and cat ailments, health-boosting supplements, and nutritious treats. When he isn’t designing solutions for dog and cat well-being, he can be found mentoring young entrepreneurs in his community, traveling the world, or building other businesses with an ethical and sustainable focus.

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This stuff really works--after spending money at the vet @ $25 a bottle, it's saving me a lot of money.

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