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Bacterial Ear Infections In Dogs

Bacterial ear infections are common occurrences for many dog owners, especially those with long ear dogs. Often made worse by the warm moist conditions from the ear flap preventing air circulation, bacterial ear infections are easy to identify due to their symptoms: bad smell, gunky discharge and obvious discomfort your pet is experiencing (scratching, pain, etc.) When your dog gets an ear infection which is caused by bacteria, it is not dangerous if identified early and treated properly. The symptoms of the infection are not only an annoyance to you but also contribute to your dog’s suffering as well.

In considering the treatment options for your dogs bacterial ear infection, veterinarians have hundreds of choices of pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, fungicides and commercial cleaners to choose from. If the infection is bacterial, they must first identify the organism or else use a wide spectrum antibiotic. If the ear infection is fungal or insect related, fungicides and insecticides are used. If a yeast infection is indicated, other products are also available. Many veterinarians treat dog ear infections with oral antibiotics, powerful chemical cleaners, and steroids (such as hydrocortisone), however cheaper and better natural ingredients are available which accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

What makes EcoEars unique is that it was formulated to work on all of the most common dog ear infections, not just bacterial. What this means to you is that EcoEars can be used on a wide variety of other parasitic invaders besides bacteria including ear mites, fungus and ear yeast infections. 

This means one product for all dog ear infections instead of first performing lab tests to decide on appropriate treatment. EcoEars is suitable for all of the most common dog ear infections, bacterial or other.

When you use EcoEars, you’ll notice the symptoms begin to improve in 1-2 days and be gone in a few days. (You should always continue treatment for a full 10 days.)

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Craig Davis

Craig is a lifelong pet owner and dog advocate with a special interest in animal and human longevity. He founded Vet Organics to develop an affordable, all-natural, safe and effective ear infection remedy for his dog, Lucy, whose chronic ear problems could not be solved by the vet.

What Customers Are Saying


EcoEars by Vet Organics fixed our girl's ears in the first couple of days & she was a whole new, happy dog again. THANK YOU Vet Organics!!!*

Nikki Wiedmer


EcoEars is a great product! I used it in my Lacey's ears and we haven't had any problems since.

Bonnie Schweitzer


Thank you for the peace of mind that my dog is not in discomfort anymore, thank you for this product being organic and good for our dog's ears, and seriously thank you for giving us an...

Melissa Block Demant


I used this product for my Boston last summer. Worked awesome. In 2 days, I've seen a improvement. Within 4 days, the infection was gone. My pit bull started having an issue with his...

Tina Neupauer


This stuff really works--after spending money at the vet @ $25 a bottle, it's saving me a lot of money.

José Olivo

*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.