Effective Joint Care Support for Cats

Joint Problems, If Left Untreated, Gradually Worsen Over Time.

EcoBalance Joint Care Formula provides proper joint support for cats who are suffering or are likely to suffer from joint problems.

  • Helps cats, young and old, develop and maintain healthy joints in order to move in comfort
  • Especially beneficial for cats who are heavy, old, or have a breed history of joint issues
  • All-natural formula nourishes the joints, and is safer than medical or surgical options

Does your beloved cat have trouble standing up in the morning or during the day? Does he show signs of slowness or stiffness when walking around the house? Does he appear to be in pain when walking around or climbing up stairs? Is there visible joint swelling? Or limping?

All of these signs point to joint degeneration, a common problem among all breeds and varieties of cats.

The problem may stem from the cat’s weight. Or perhaps old age. Oftentimes genetics plays a factor with certain breeds: some cats are unfortunately predisposed to joint problems even before reaching old age.

Whatever the reason, EcoBalance Joint Care for cats is a powerful, all-natural formula supplement specifically designed to help relieve joint issues and prevent them from continuing to worsen over time.

What it contains

Our all-natural, joint nourishing ingredient list includes cat-specific levels of Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin sulfate, Taurine, Vitamin C, and Zinc, all proven through rigorous studies to improve joint health for your beloved canine friend.

And to make sure he laps up every ounce of EcoBalance with delight, we’ve added all-natural chicken flavoring for a taste he’ll love.

Compare EcoBalance Joint Care Formula to other options

EcoBalance Joint Care Formula isn’t the only all natural product on the market specifically designed to help your cat relieve joint pain and regain a healthy gait. But it is the safest and one of the least expensive as well.

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Let’s compare other commonly used options:

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: These drugs are veterinarian prescribed, and are good specifically for joint issues arising from acute inflammation. They are not a good solution for ongoing maintenance of joint health, which is the most desirable option when you know your cat is getting older or genetically vulnerable to joint issues.

Steroidal anti-inflammatories: These are effective for dialing down the immune system’s response, however steroidal drugs unfortunately also pose significant side effects. By weakening the immune system, steroidal drugs invite external infections. And as with all vet prescribed medications, there are significant expenses involved to obtain a few month’s supply worth of drugs.

Chiropractic and acupuncture: Yes, these options are available for cats. An interesting and sometimes effective alternative option, many cat owners enjoy these types of treatments for their pets. However, there seem to be as many lukewarm and negative reviews as positive ones for the specific treatment of joint health. Chiropractic and acupuncture are not mainstream for a reason – they have a high rate of treatment failure.

Therapy laser: Specific wavelengths of light can help to reduce pain and inflammation around the joints. As they require a highly trained medical professional with expensive equipment, they are simply not widely available. Note that all of these are short-term cures to the problem of ongoing joint health.

EcoBalance is different in this regard: it’s a tasty daily supplement that supports good joint health.

Supplement it daily into your cat’s food or treat

Built to be a convenient daily supplement, EcoBalance is taken by your cat with his daily meals or with a treat. Our pump action bottle allows you to apply one measured pump to your cat’s food . One per day is all that’s needed. The tasty chicken flavoring will add to his enjoyment of the food, and ensure that he gets his daily joint supplementation.

One bottle will last 4 months if used once per day and costs just $15.95 plus $2.99 shipping.

And it is well documented that liquids are more readily absorbed than solids, ensuring that the active ingredients are not wasted.

That’s right, for a fraction of the cost to visit a veterinarian, you can protect and significantly improve your cat’s joints. If your cat has suffered from joint problems in the past or present, or is fairly heavy or aging, this product is a no-brainer. It’s all natural, proven effective, and removes the risk of serious, sometimes irreversible joint problems from your beloved cat.

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Vet Organics guarantees it works, or your money backVet Organics guarantees all of our products unconditionally. We don’t believe in charging our customers for products didn’t work, whatever the reason. So if for any reason you don’t like our product, email us and ask for a refund. With n0 questions asked, your payment will be refunded the same day.

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*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.