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Dogs and Ear Infections

Which of These Symptoms Does Your Dog Have?

Itchy Ear? Bad Smell? Discharge? Dirty Ears?

Head Shaking? Constant Scratching? Red or Swollen Ear?

Dear Dog Owner:

10 years ago I noticed that our Tibetan Terrier Lucy smelled really bad. So I did what any dog owner would do–I gave her a bath.

I thought that was it, but within a day the smell was back as strong as it was the day before. I bent down to smell her and I could still smell the fresh scent of her shampoo.

I sniffed around and discovered that the smell came from her ears.

Flipping one of her ears up, I noticed that the inside of the ear was filthy with thick gooey black stuff. So I called my husband who knows everything and he said it was an ear infection. He had cockers growing up and dealt with them over the years.

5 Symptoms of Dog Ear Infections

I took Lucy to the vet. The vet shared some advice. He told us that our dog’s symptoms were indeed caused by an ear infection. He told us what to look for and Lucy had most of them.

  1. Bad smell coming from the ear.
  2. Constant scratching of the ear
  3. Frequent head shaking
  4. Redness or inflammation of the ear.
  5. Constantly dirty ears with yellow/brown/black flakes or discharge

The vet  took a swab for a lab test. $160 later I was armed with an oral antibiotic tablet to give Lucy twice per day for 2 weeks and also some kind of ear cleaner the vet said would clear up the infection.

I expressed my concern to the vet about using drugs and chemical cleaners. I have read that antibiotics are way over-prescribed in people and animals and asked if there were any alternatives. The vet smiled and said he’s been doing this for 3 decades and he does it this way because it works. I didn’t argue.

Two weeks later, there was no more smell and the ear was clean and pink like her other ear. The infection was gone. Or so I thought.

The Ear Infection Returns

Sure enough, a couple of months later, the smell came back.

At first I again thought she just needed a bath…dogs get dirty…but I took a closer look at the ear and the same black discharge was visible. I took her back to the vet and $185 later, he once again gave us oral antibiotics, only this time he switched to a prescription cleaner. He assured us that this would do the trick. And it did. Sort of.

This time it was 4 months before the smell came back.

Finding A Natural Solution

I called the vet and he said to bring her in–this time we would need to do additional lab testing to find out if there is a secondary infection in my dogs ear that could be causing it to recur. He said that additional testing would identify any additional culprits in Lucy’s ear. But before I took her back, this time I did exactly what you are doing now–I started to research.

What the vet wanted to do was test to see if there was anything else living in the ear and then prescribe another medication, insecticide or fungicide. He guessed that maybe there were two things living in there–possibly even more! And the drugs we used previously was not made for the other invaders.

What the veterinarian never told me was that there are natural botanicals which have infection fighting properties too. And when combined they can form a solution which works works on all of the most common types of ear infections.

An Herbalist Saves the Day

I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the possible ingredients that could go into a natural formula so I decided to hire an expert. A friend’s husband who is a chiropractor referred me to his herbalist. The herbalist told me there are many plants and extracts she has worked with over the years would could be useful for ear infections and we reviewed them one by one.

After months of researching the potential ingredients and another several months testing them, we agreed on the final ingredients for our formula. Several weeks later, our herbalist gave me some great news. She told me that she has finalized the formula and that the results are spectacular. She had tested it on a dozen dogs with ear infections at her local shelter, and so far all the infections were gone except for one.


This was the beginning of EcoEars for Dogs

EcoEars is specially formulated to eliminate the symptoms and causes of all of the main kinds of dog ear infections. Our special formula includes all-natural botanical disinfectants that are safe for dogs and puppies.

  • Natural broad spectrum antimicrobials prevent bacteria from establishing a colony in your dogs ear canal and kill what is already there.
  • Little known botanical extracts relentlessly fight ear mites, bacteria, yeast and fungus eliminating the causes of most dog ear infections.
  • EcoEars eliminates and prevents new problems associated with dog ear infections without the use of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics found in conventional treatments.
  • EcoEars has been used successfully on tens of thousands of dogs whose owners reported mites, yeast infections, fungus and a wide range of bacterial ear infections.
  • In addition to killing parasites and bacteria, EcoEars lowers the pH inside your dog’s ear, which balances the environment and makes it less prone to recurring infections.
  • EcoEars takes just two minutes per day to use and once you begin treatment the symptoms will improve in 24-48 hours and in most cases be eliminated in 72 hours. (But keep using it until the treatment ends according to the directions on the label.)

Treatment is very simple and is the same for all types of ear infections. Simply lay your dog on her side, gently fill her ear with EcoEars, and massage the base of her ear for 90 seconds. That’s literally all it takes.

1 Full Year, 100% money back guarantee: If EcoEars does not work to eliminate your dog’s symptoms and eliminate the infection, we’ll refund every penny. No questions asked!

Here’s What To Do Now

You don’t have to waste your time or money on lab testing or even veterinarian visits. And you don’t have to stress out your dog by dragging him to the vet only to spend $100’s or even $1000’s of dollars on repeat visits. By using EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula & Cleaner at home for just 2 minutes per day you can eliminate the problem and restore your dog’s ears to their natural healthy state.

For just $22.88 plus $2.99 flat-rate shipping, your dog will be symptom free in less than 4 days, Guaranteed.

If you’re ready to get rid of that nasty smell, itch and discharge for once and for all, hit the Order Now button and put in your credit card information (don’t worry, it’s encrypted and totally safe.) Click Here and I’ll have it packaged up and at the post office within 3 business hours or less.

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See you soon! Tania D. Proprietor and Dog Lover

PS—Almost forgot. Here’s what others are saying about EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula & Cleaner. All of these reviews are actual customer comments. And don’t forget to check out our new EcoEars reviews page if you have an extra minute or two and want to read some of the more detailed reviews.

“I was skeptical because there were only a handful of reviews when I bought this product… Well, let me tell you that we could see the difference after just one day.”
–Brian D.

“This journey we have been on for an answer for a ceaseless ear infection has finally come to an end. I am ecstatic! I have spent hundreds of dollars at the vet, pills, switching food, drops etc. After one application, I saw a difference. The results have continued. I am nearly at the 10 day mark for suggested use to rid the infection! No more rancid dog!!!”

“The only issue I have with this product is the smell. Otherwise, it worked better than I expected. I have referred the products to others already.”
-Kim R.

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Craig Davis

Craig is an entrepreneur and business executive with an extensive background in all aspects of small business management. As a long-time dog advocate and guardian, he founded Vet Organics to develop an affordable, all-natural, safe, and effective dog ear infection remedy. With the help of natural chemists and botanical experts, Vet Organics products have helped thousands of dogs around the world find relief for painful, chronic ear infections. Craig went on to design powerful all-natural formulas that address a variety of dog and cat ailments, health-boosting supplements, and nutritious treats. When he isn’t designing solutions for dog and cat well-being, he can be found mentoring young entrepreneurs in his community, traveling the world, or building other businesses with an ethical and sustainable focus.

What Customers Are Saying


EcoEars by Vet Organics fixed our girl's ears in the first couple of days & she was a whole new, happy dog again. THANK YOU Vet Organics!!!*

Nikki Wiedmer


EcoEars is a great product! I used it in my Lacey's ears and we haven't had any problems since.

Bonnie Schweitzer


Thank you for the peace of mind that my dog is not in discomfort anymore, thank you for this product being organic and good for our dog's ears, and seriously thank you for giving us an...

Melissa Block Demant


I used this product for my Boston last summer. Worked awesome. In 2 days, I've seen a improvement. Within 4 days, the infection was gone. My pit bull started having an issue with his...

Tina Neupauer


This stuff really works--after spending money at the vet @ $25 a bottle, it's saving me a lot of money.

José Olivo

*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.