Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy

We get asked from time to time about which ingredients should be used in a home remedy for dog ear infections. Usually the reason people look for home remedies is to save money. Our philosophy at Vet Organics revolves around the following:

  • To use only natural and organic ingredients in all our products.
  • To use the highest quality ingredients we can find within reason. We could always find a so called higher quality ingredient, but if the extra cost is so much higher than the additional benefits, we pass.
  • To make highly effective and cost-sensitive remedies for common pet issues for pet owners to use at home.

We believe that the pet establishment generally looks to treat pet issues by using the most profitable methods possible. And with regard to dog ear infections, that philosophy has led to the overuse of systemic antibiotics and countless wasted vet visits. Below we discuss the ingredients we chose for EcoEars and which might be good in a home remedy that can be safely used on dog ear infections. By putting them in the public domain, we believe we are helping those who want to make their own home remedies. One thing worth noting–as a manufacturer, we purchase ingredients in bulk which greatly lowers the cost and allows us to compete on price even with home remedy formulas. However if you are determined to mix your own dog ear infection home remedy to treat your dog’s ear infection, read on.

When our product was first formulated, we did not know specifically which type of ear infection each dog owner would be trying to treat. Some ingredients are effective on yeast infections but not mites, while others are effective on gram negative bacteria but not gram positive. We formulate our products using natural ingredients which would be effective on the widest possible variety of infections and we do not use any industrial chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics. We suggest you build your home remedy with the same philosophy.

The ingredients in EcoEars make up the best combination of ingredients we know of and have been especially useful on dogs with ear infections. There could be others we have not found yet, and we do update our formula periodically when we find them.

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful disinfectant which comes from the melaleuca tree which is native to Australia but cultivated in other places as well. The oils extracted are effective on certain types of infections but more importantly Tea Tree Oil gives EcoEars a natural disinfectant smell. This is important, as many dogs with ear infections come with an unpleasant smell. Tea Tree Oil should not be used in high concentrations however, because it can burn and it is not well tolerated if ingested accidentally through licking. For this reason, we specifically eliminated Tea Tree Oil from our cat ear infection formula. The Tea Tree Oil used in EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula and Cleaner is a high quality product which is imported from Australia. We feel that Tea Tree Oil is a good component of any dog ear infection home remedy, however as noted above, do careful research as to the concentrations you can use.

Mullein Extract is a natural plant extract which comes from the leaves and twigs of the Mullein plant. It has been used extensively for hundreds of years to treat cold symptoms in humans. It is known to be effective on certain types of ear infections dogs get but more importantly, it helps to soothe the ear from any inflammation that may be present. Even when purchased in large quantities it is expensive, however, so it may not be cost effective for a dog ear infection home remedy formula.

Acetic Acid is vinegar. Vinegar has desirable and undesirable characteristics. While many people complain about the smell, acetic acid is one of the best ways to reduce pH in a dog ear infection home remedy. (pH is a measurement of the acidity of a compound.) Lower pH means that the infected ear environment will be less hospitable to parasites and bacteria. Measuring pH is important when you are putting something on your (or your dog’s) body or in her ear, because a pH that is too high or low can cause unnecessary discomfort or pain. Though EcoEars does contain acetic acid, we are slowly phasing it out of our formulas in favor of other well tolerated acids such as boric acid. When crafting your dog ear infection home remedy, keep in mind that vinegar is an acid and too much vinegar can burn your dog’s ears.

Rosemary Oil is another natural plant extract which has been long known to have certain anti-bacterial qualities. The rosemary oil we use at EcoEars comes from pure rosemary oleoresin. It is all natural and it adds pleasant herbal overtones to the smell of EcoEars. Rosemary Oil is also used as a soothing agent in our formula and is a good additive in a dog ear infection home remedy.

We consider alcohol to be a natural ingredient, as it is found in nature and alcohol is a good ingredient for a dog ear infection home remedy. Alcohol is used as a drying agent and a disinfectant. Moisture in the ear supports infections–alcohol evaporates the moisture.

What to Expect if you Decide to Try EcoEars

If making your own dog ear infection home remedy is too much for you, why not try EcoEars? All the work including ordering products, mixing them, testing pH, etc., has been done for you by experts. When you use EcoEars, you’ll notice the symptoms begin to improve in 1-2 days and be gone in a few days. (You should always follow the instructions on the label.) Will it work? It is extremely likely. And if you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, call us and we’ll refund your money, guaranteed.

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*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.
Vet Organics supplements are manufactured from natural and organic materials known to improve a pet's health regimen and quality of life. If you suspect that your pet may be suffering from a severe medical condition, consult your veterinarian immediately.