REVEALED: Myths about dog ear infections you NEED to know about RIGHT NOW!

What If You Were In Pain but Couldn’t Ask for Help?

Your Best Friend Could Be Suffering through a Terrible Ear Infection—and You’d Never Even Realize It

You love your dogs.  You’d do ANYTHING for them, without question, especially if they were in pain. But ear infections are notoriously difficult to spot.  And by the time your dog is persistently scratching his ears and shaking his head, he’s probably had that ear infection for weeks or even MONTHS. Imagine having an ear infection so bad that your inner ear turned bright red, smelled horrible, and was constantly releasing fluids and pus. You’d have visited the doctor long before it got that bad! But that isn’t the case for pets across America.

Even in the 21st Century, Many People STILL Believe This One Persistent Myth about Animal Pain

Your pet is very good at hiding her pain.  That’s because she still has a “survival” instinct, where showing weakness could make her the target of a predator, or worse, be abandoned by her pack. For years people believed that pets simply don’t feel pain the way we do.  They were certain that a pet’s tolerance for pain was much higher than ours.

In fact, many people STILL believe this, even though this myth was debunked as nonsense YEARS ago!

Our pets feel pain just as much as we do—they’re just afraid you’ll abandon them if they let you know.  And the longer your pet goes without getting help, the greater the chances she’ll lose her hearing or even her life to a very persistent bacterial infection.

What Makes All of This Even Worse Is That Ear Infection Help Is Easier than EVER to Obtain and Works FASTER than It Did Just a Few Years Ago

(And in most cases you can do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home!)

Here’s another myth that society is told over and over again about our pets: That we NEED to make multiple vet visits to determine the specific cause of the ear problem by taking swabs and running laboratory (read: EXPENSIVE) tests before we can start helping our pets.

Don’t misunderstand us; sometimes lab tests are absolutely vital, but the standard protocol of expensive lab tests, followed by a prescription or two, and then having to go BACK in for a follow-up visit to make sure everything is cleared up, seems to be wasteful in most instances. This treatment protocol is going to take MONTHS and the cost will be outrageous. If your vet is very good, however, he or she will get it right the first time.

It’s High Time You Felt Empowered to Handle This VERY Routine Pet Issue…Which Is Why Vet Organics Created EcoEars for Dogs!

EcoEars is the FIRST 100% natural ear cleaning formula of its kind for dogs that IMMEDIATELY helps support your pet’s natural defenses to help eliminate most major causes of canine ear infection. EcoEars immediately disinfects and soothes the FOUR leading causes of painful, smelly and itchy ear infections in dogs:

  • Ear Mites

  • Yeast

  • Bacteria

  • Fungus

We conducted experiments showing that even traces of bacterial infections such as staph and E. coli disappear within DAYS of using this fast-acting formula.

“My 80-pound Boxweiler has experienced ear problems since she was a puppy. She gets a build up of “crusty junk” that has her shaking her head day and night, trying to relieve the itch. I’ve tried vet supplied ear meds, frequent professional ear cleanings, and nightly cortisone, but nothing solved the problem. Then I tried EcoEars. After three treatments, the crusty junk was gone and the ear was healthy.” –Wayne Arnold

What makes EcoEars such a powerhouse cleaner for canine ear infections?  The answer is in our list of 100% all-natural ingredients.  We’ve paired natural broad spectrum anti-microbials with powerful botanical extracts to relentlessly fight off and eliminate the yeast, gunk, and grime that cause the painful itching. Best of all, your pet’s symptoms will improve in just 24 to 48 hours.  Complete relief can occur in as quickly as 72 hours. And after just 10 days of using EcoEars (14 for chronic cases), your pet’s symptoms will be gone and the infection will be gone for good.

Treatment Is SUPER-Easy and Takes Just 90 Seconds a Day!

We made EcoEars extremely easy to use. Simply saturate your dog’s ear with EcoEars and massage the base for 90 seconds.  That’s literally all it takes. And it works FAST.  That means no more scratching, no more head shaking, and no more dragging your dog to the vet over and over!

Here are just a few additional benefits of Vet Organics’ EcoEars:

  • Completely natural, ZERO pesticides or chemicals that can harm your dog’s ears or be resisted by the infection.
  • Lowers the pH inside your dog’s ear, REDUCING the risk of recurring infections by balancing pH levels in the ear canal.
  • No more nasty ooze and bad smell! That smelly ear stuff dries and flakes on your pillows, bedding, and carpet. Yuck!
  • No more expensive vet visits for constantly recurring ear problems. Saving $100’s or even $1,000’s of dollars on repeat visits sounds great to us!
“This journey we’ve been on for an answer for a ceaseless ear problem has finally come to an end. I am ecstatic! I have spent hundreds of dollars at the vet, pills, switching food, drops, etc. After one application, I saw a difference. The results have continued. I am nearly at the 10-day mark for suggested use to rid the infection! No more rancid dog!!!” –Adrian W.

So How Much Will EcoEars Really Save Me?

(The Answer Is Going to Blow You Away)

During your last vet visit, you likely opened your wallet waaaay more than you felt comfortable with. Let’s be clear about this—your vet isn’t trying to fleece you.  Rather, veterinarians can’t be certain of what caused the problem, so they normally follow a standard protocol to combat it! So they’ll suggest lab testing along with two or even THREE different kinds of medications.  If one of those medications doesn’t work, surely the other ones will.

But by the end of your appointment, you could easily have spent more than $200-300 on:

  • Two or three medications, retail priced at around $50 EACH
  • Lab testing which can run you over $100
  • Plus the cost of the consultation, around $50 on average

That’s a fortune in vet visit costs, ESPECIALLY since you can easily clean your pets ears AT HOME, for a fraction of the price!

Although EcoEars Is NOT a Medication, Using It is Like Giving Your Dog Three Ear Medications in One—But You Won’t Pay the Price of Three Ear Medications.  You Won’t Even Pay the Price of One!

We’re Currently Selling EcoEars for Just $21.95 Plus $2.99 Shipping and Handling!

You won’t find a deal on such an effective ear formula anywhere else on the market!  Over FIFTY THOUSAND DOGS have found relief with EcoEars.  And more and more people are discovering how awesome EcoEars is every day:

“What a surprise. Two treatments, no swelling. Four days, normal ears. Wish I had before/after dated pictures.” –G. Chandler

We Believe In Our Product and We Love Our Pricing

But We Wanted Even MORE Value—Something That No One Else in Our Industry Is Offering:

So we decided on this PERMANENT guarantee:

“If EcoEars Anti-Infection Formula & Cleaner Doesn’t Help YOUR Dog’s Ear Problems within 10 Days, OR If You’re Unsatisfied for ANY Reason for Up to ONE FULL YEAR, Contact Us for a FULL REFUND”

(No questions asked, no annoying surveys, no customer service calls—just simple cash back for up to ONE FULL YEAR after your purchase!!!)

EcoEars has helped TENS OF THOUSANDS of dogs find relief from chronic ear problems.  Now, we want YOUR dog to get better again, in the comfort of his own home, with as little discomfort and fear as possible. And it’s easier than ever to do with EcoEars!

No More Pain, No More Itching and Scratching—Just Lasting Relief

Give Your Best Friend the Relief She Deserves.  Order TODAY and RESTORE Your Dog’s Ear Health.


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From a fellow pet lover, I want to thank you for considering EcoEars or any of the products we have available at Vet Organics. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely yours,


President and Chief Happiness Officer

My husband and I tried so many products and treatments for both of our dogs recurring ear infections. We just finished up 10 days of use and both of their ears are healed, clean and no itching. I am so excited that we finally found a great natural product that works. I would definitely recommend it!

- Rshan