How to Ensure You Don’t Get Swindled by an Online Pet Pharmacy

Purchasing pet meds straight from the vet often comes with an unpleasant side effect: sticker shock. And, for animal lovers living on a budget, this cost can be pretty difficult to justify. Here are six ways to ensure you get quality prescriptions for your pet without paying an arm and a leg. 

7 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

We love our cats, but they can do some pretty weird stuff. Some of these behaviors leave us feeling pretty neglected. Others lead to the creation of memes and viral phrases. Right now, we're going to explain the rest, the ones that leave us scratching our heads.

Where to Go to Get Your Next Fur Baby

Bringing a new animal into our home is a multistep process. But, it usually starts with deciding what animal is right for our circumstances. We’ll explore four places where we can adopt or buy cats and canines, as well as the benefits of each. Find out what's best for you and your family. 

How Smart Is Your Cat?

We’ll probably never see a bomb-sniffing or seeing-eye cat. Though we depend on dogs to work long days, we rarely trust cats with anything so important. Get the final word on whether we're doing our felines a disservice. They may be smarter than us all.

Animal Pain Awareness Month: Recognizing the Signs

  September is animal pain awareness month. Why? Because animals don’t express pain the same way humans do. This month is an opportunity to learn ...

Digestive Problems in Cats And The Solutions Every Guardian Should Know

When cats suffer from digestive problems, it can ruin leave us in a state of worry. Luckily, if you understand common cat digestive problems and how to help your cat's digestive health, a bout of worrisome kitty diarrhea can be evaluated and cared for with minimal stress. Read on to find out more.

Digestive Problems In Dogs

From booty-scooting to diarrhea, all of us have seen our fair share of digestive issues. Fortunately, we’re not powerless in the battle against gastrointestinal upsets. Read this exploration of common canine digestive issues, their causes, and what us doggy guardians can do to stop them.

7 Things We Can Do to Help Fido Play Nice

To Fido, the dog park is heaven on Earth. But sometimes dogs need a little help getting along, just like kiddos. Read this list of seven things we can do to help Fido master dog-on-dog etiquette.

The Beginner’s Guide to Pet Probiotics

If commercials were anything to go by, probiotics might just stop global warming. While there is a lot of marketing hype, there is also compelling research showing that probiotics might be beneficial to the gut. Let’s explore this growing class of supplements, their benefits, and a few cautions. Plus, we’ll take a look at EcoDigestive, a probiotic and enzyme support formula for pet digestion.

National Pet Memorial Day - It Doesn’t Have To Be Sad

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, National Pet Memorial Day is a way to remember all the beautiful, happy ways our pets have changed our lives for the better. Find out how to celebrate here.

Dog Park Politics And Commandments

We explore some facts and myths about inter-dog politics and explore a few rules of dog-on-dog interactions. Whether at the dog park or adding a new fur-baby to the home pack, understanding the importance of the doggy communication commandments is essentials. Learn more here. 

Orange Cats Of The World - Unite! For Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Every September first is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! This year we are celebrating by sharing facts, figures, and other fun tidbits about tabbies you probably didn’t know! Find out more here. 

End-of-Life Care: Dealing With Grief

It’s at ought process to go through, but grief is something everyone experiences to one degree or another when they experience the loss of a pet. Learn how to cope and how to help others cope.

What You Need To Know About Pet Joint Care: Part Two

Part two in our series on arthritis in dogs and cats. Learn how to watch for the warning signs and symptoms of arthritis, ways your vet may want to treat arthritis, medicinal and non-medicinal options for treatment, and preventative measures we can all take right now.

What you Need to Know About Pet Joint Care Part One

To help combat the rising tide of joint pain and misery, we’ve put together this dog and cat guardian’s guide to animal joint care — and, more specifically, arthritis. 

Cat Diseases and Vaccines You Need To Know About

We want our cats to be healthy, but vaccinations are often a point of uncertainty. Learn more about core and non-core vaccines, and what to take into consideration when deciding on what's best for your cat. 

Check The Chip And Save Your Family

Microchips vastly increase the likelihood of families being reunited, but it only works if we register, track, and maintain this technology. Read here for important info about injecting and maintaining those chips.

Dog Diseases and Vaccines You Need To Know About

Vaccinations can be a point of uncertainty for many new pet guardians. Learn more about dog vaccines required by law and elective vaccines that may keep your pup healthy based on your region and lifestyle. 

Pet Vaccine Primer: Concerns and Safety, Part Two

Vaccines are a pretty controversial topic. The conversation has spilled over into the pet world, leaving a lot of questions and concerns over safety and options. In this piece, we dive into specific risks and concerns surrounding particular vaccines as well as options pet guardians have.

A Primer on Pet Vaccines, Part One

Here are some of the need-to-know basics regarding pet vaccines. This series provides important details, gives clarity regarding common misconceptions, and takes a look at some real numbers. Then make the decision for yourself and your family.

Questions To Ask Before Enrolling In Doggy Daycare

How can we find the best doggy daycare for our fur-babies? What should we look for? Here are questions we can all use to research the best possible experience for Fido while we’re we’re away at work or on vacation.

End-of-Life Care: Caregiving And Tough Choices, Part Three

In Part Three of this series, we talk about observing pain, calculating suffering, and choosing hospice care or euthanasia. While it may be an uncomfortable task, planning ahead and understanding our choices will alleviate much of the anxiety and tension that can compound an already emotional time.

End-of-Life Care And The Twilight Years, Part Two

A big part of end-of-life care is preparation. Here are some of the topics we should all consider, questions we should ask, and decisions we should think about making now, rather than later.

More Essential Commands To Teach Your Dog

Being able to take our pups with us on excursions and adventures with the confidence that they can listen and follow directions is invaluable.  This is the second installment which focuses on the next set of essential commands our dogs can benefit from.

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part Two

Part One of this list is found HERE. The following list is a continuation of the most common people foods pets really can’t have.

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part One

We all remember the rule of thumb that pets just shouldn’t have people food. Pets get pet food.  This is a helpful list of the most common people foods pets really can’t have.

Why do Cats Bury Their Poop?

Dogs bury bones. Squirrels bury nuts. Cats bury their poop. It’s a natural instinct that affects cats on a global level throughout as many generations as we can track. But why they bury their poop isn’t just a feline tendency for cleanliness. Explore this ritual with us and find out more about the kitty waste disposal system.

Cat Head Bunting: What It Means And How To Respond

Cats are quirky, mysterious, and peculiar.  Many cat guardians ask about head bunting, and we agree, it’s a behavior worth learning more about. Find out more here, at Vet Organics.

Fast Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Here are some quick top tips to keep you and your fur-family safe this fourth of July.

Veterinary Costs And The Educated Pet Guardian, Part One

“Why does it cost so much to go to the vet?” This is a question many of us ask at one point or another.  Here are a couple important myths and some sage advice to help pet guardians build realistic and savvy expectations about vet bills and pet health conversations.

Cat Communication: Are You Listening?

There are two sides to every conversation. But are we listening? Are we paying attention to the clues and queues our cats are giving us? Or are we completely missing the other side of the conversation? Here’s a quick run-down of cat communication and how to figure out what our kitty-companions are really telling us.

Water Safety Tips For Dogs

It’s summer!  Before any of us paddleboard with our pooches, we’ve got to soak up some safety tips. Learn ways to have a safe, fun, adventurous summer with your pup, here. 

Why Do Cats Knead?

Cats have many quirks, and we love them all. Kneading is especially mysterious and delightful at the same time. But why do cats knead? What are they telling us? And where did kneading originate? Find out at Vet Organics.

What To Watch For When Adopting A Cat

Adoption is a big deal.  For many, the toughest part is deciding which animal has the makings for the best companion. Here are some of the top tips we should all consider when choosing to add a new cat- or -canine companion to our homes and families.

What To Know When Adopting A Dog

Adoption is a big deal.  For many, the toughest part is deciding which animal has the makings for the best companion. Here are some of the top tips we should all consider when choosing to add a new cat- or -canine companion to our homes and families.

End-of-Life Care And The Tough Choices, Part One

We need to talk about something kind of sensitive. Our fur-babies are such an important part of the family, but we all know the day is coming when they’ll cross the rainbow. While it may be a difficult one, the conversation about end of life care is one we should all have.

Paws Up For Pet Appreciation Week

Dogs and cats play a special role in our lives. They are family mascots, comforting companions, deep wells of unconditional love, playful purr-babies, and endless sources of entertainment. This week is pet appreciation week, and we’re sharing some fun and fabulous ways to show those fur-babies the love they deserve and thank them for enriching our lives.

Can Humans Contract Cat Diseases? Part Two

For the most common bacterial and parasitic infections humans and cats can share, head over to Can Humans Contract Cat Diseases, Part One. In this article, we’re going to describe the most common fungal and viral infections we can share with cats.

Three White Lies Clients Tell Their Vets

It happens more than one might think. Clients tell their vets white lies, but honesty really is the best policy. Without it, pets may be put in harm's way, and their guardian may not realize the trouble and added cost they may be creating for themselves.

To Crop Or Not To Crop - Ear Cropping

Ear cropping, surgically modifying dog ears, is a trademark for some breeds.  For those with purebreds, it’s a tradition that almost seems compulsory. However, ear cropping is increasingly being brought into question.  What are some of the arguments on both sides? This is your ear cropping rundown.

Can Humans Contract Cat Diseases? Part One

There are several parasites, bacterial, fungal, and viral infections that can cross from cats to humans, and humans to cats.  These are just a few of the top bacterial and parasitic infections that can affect cats and humans.

PSA: Hurricane Preparedness Action Guide, Part Two

June first is the beginning of hurricane season. Now is the time to prepare for hurricanes. This is Part Two of our simple action plan to get cat and canine guardians ready for storm season.

PSA: Hurricane Preparedness Action Guide for Pet Guardians

Hurricanes are scary for everyone. June first marks the beginning of hurricane season, which means hurricane preparedness season is now! Here is the fur-family starter action plan for hurricane preparedness to get cat and canine guardians ahead of the storm.

Dog Tails: Docks, Crops, Spirals, Curls, And More

As dog guardians, we love to see those happy tails wag. But how many have wondered about dog tails and their many shapes and sizes? Learn more about breeds with long, short, thick, thin, spiraled, straight, and more tail types, here.

Safe Plants That Are Non-Toxic To Dogs

Those of us who want to buy a new houseplant or get a hostess gift for a friend understand it’s easier to reference a yes-list than a no-list. This is the latest go-to reference for common, fun, plants that are non-toxic to dogs and great when choosing a gift for a friend with a pet.

Why does my dog kick his leg when I scratch his belly?

  We all know and love doggie idiosyncrasies. They’re wagging tails, shoelace slobber, puppy eyes when we are trying to eat, and of course, the leg...

Allergy Season Is Here: Time To Help Our Dogs And Cats

Sneezing, Sniffling, Snorting, coughing, itching, wheezing - those of us with asthma and allergies are all too familiar with these symptoms.  Few realize that the same goes for cats and dogs! Our cat and canine companions can also suffer from all of these symptoms to varying degrees. May is peak allergy and asthma season, so it's also  National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

Hairball Awareness Day - Yeah, It’s A Thing

National Hairball Awareness Day really does exist, and it falls on the last Friday of April. It’s more important than one might think, which is why it is officially recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association. National  Hairball Awareness Day does serve an important function.

Canine Fitness Month: Exercises Anyone Can Do

April is National Canine Fitness Month.  And because not all of us can move with ease, plus some of us have senior dogs who need gentle activities, we’ve included games and exercise ideas that will get the blood pumping and release those endorphins, without requiring great physical strain.

Ways to Live A Green Life With Your Pet

April is Earth Month, and April 22nd is Earth Day. Every year, we use this time to double check our carbon footprint and make sure we are doing our part to help the environment thrive. For pet guardians, it’s also the perfect time to check on our cat and canine companions’ carbon footprint.

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