Everything You Need to Know About Pet Insurance.

Pet Insurance is Important. Period.

Your (fur)-family is too important to risk their health and well-being, right?

Vet bills are expensive and pet care isn’t something the typical American is actively saving for. Are you prepared?

Thousands of families end up overwhelmed with unexpected pet costs when they first adopt, or due to accidents and illness.

And many families are faced with the painful decision to assess the quality of life for their dog or cat, and can end up compassionately euthanizing their pet.

What if we can ease the stress of unexpected costs, and extend our dog or cat’s quality years by making a simple, smart decision right now?

Pet insurance can substantially decrease or eliminate the need for a monetary cost-benefit analysis on your pet’s health - or even their life.

Pet insurance can help you make health decisions based solely on the available care and the well-being of your pet, rather than money.

Pet Insurance can substantially diminish annual spending on veterinary tests and treatments.

What is Pet Insurance?

If you are asking this question, you’re not alone. Pet insurance isn’t new, but it’s also not common. A staggeringly low 1% of pets in the United States are covered. That’s because many pet guardians don’t yet understand the immense value and peace of mind pet insurance brings to the table.

Basically, by buying coverage, you are mitigating risk. That means you are paying a low monthly premium to an insurance carrier that will carry the risk and the bulk of the costs of veterinary care.

Why Invest in Pet Insurance?

The short answer is, because your beloved pet is worth it. We pay for the things we value. Auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and medical insurance for ourselves and our family are all part of living with a car, a home, and a family.

American pet guardians spent nearly $16 billion on veterinary care in 2016. Pet insurance will offset these expenses for you with reimbursements for medical treatment for your dog or cat in the event of an illness or accident.

An individual can expect to pay nearly two thousand dollars in the first year of adoption if spaying/neutering is needed, vaccinations, and other standard procedures, such as microchipping. After that, the average yearly cost of veterinary services is $200-500 for dogs and cats, depending on where you live, and your dog or cat’s breed. That’s just for routine care.

And veterinary care is only becoming more expensive. There’s new tech, more treatments are becoming available, and better tests are being used. That’s all good news, except for the price tag.

Pet Insurance can substantially diminish annual spending on veterinary tests and treatments.

How Do I Choose the Right Pet Insurance?

Determining the right plan is important, but not difficult.

  • What is their lifestage? A puppy or kitten in need of vaccination series and spaying/neutering? A mid-life pet in need of teeth cleaning and maybe extractions?
  • Does your dog or cat live a life with more possibility of injury, such as an outdoor cat, or an active dog that may come across a raccoon protecting it’s young?
  • Is the breed of your cat or dog at a higher risk of certain genetic conditions, or are they predisposed to certain diseases? Your veterinarian can help answer these questions.

The best pet insurance offers coverage that’s broad enough for whatever care your pet needs — with high enough limits to cushion you in a worst-case scenario.

Insurance is meant to provide many types of coverage, but here are a few to think about:

  • Accidents & Injuries
  • Laboratory Tests
  • X-rays, Ultrasounds, MRI, and CAT scans
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Illnesses, Including Cancer and Allergies
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

This top-rated plan boasts stellar customer reviews, and is the only pet insurance company that gives you unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible. All accidents and illnesses are covered, with no restrictions on hereditary and congenital conditions, and no claims limits. Even better, Healthy Paws donates to a homeless pet’s medical care with every quote.

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Pets Best

With this veterinarian-owned pet insurance company, you’ll find customized plans fit to your pet’s needs. Pets Best gives you full hereditary and congenital condition coverage, with no upper age limit. You’ll have easy online claims submissions, fast 5-day claims processing, and free direct deposit reimbursement. You also get access to a 24/7 pet helpline.

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Petplan covers everything from accidents to dental treatments, with a wide range of optional coverage, and no exclusions for hereditary and chronic conditions. You’ll get 24/7 customer service, easy online claims filing, and reimbursement within 1-2 weeks.

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Craig Davis

Craig is a lifelong pet owner and dog advocate with a special interest in animal and human longevity. He founded Vet Organics to develop an affordable, all-natural, safe and effective ear infection remedy for his dog, Lucy, whose chronic ear problems could not be solved by the vet.