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10 DIY Cat Furniture Ideas

10 DIY Cat Furniture Ideas

cat-paradise-home-trillium-enterprises-1 Photo credit: Bored Panda. See more of this fan-cats-tic interior at their site. Let’s face it: cats are pretty territorial and they’re not afraid of taking over your favorite chair forever. The trick to happily co-habitating with your cat is giving them their own personal space of domestic bliss inside your home. Sure it’s easy to find expensive cat towers and comfy beds, but many cat owners choose to design and create their cat’s personalized domestic wonderlands themselves.  And if you’re looking for an inexpensive, unique addition to your abode, it’s not hard to make awesome DIY furniture your cat will love. It’s a good idea to save time, money, and space by combining a few elements into a single piece. Think about creating a structure that your kitty can climb, scratch, play, and sleep in. Remember: designing furniture with scratching surfaces in mind helps keep your cat from ruining your furniture! Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1.Tray Tables Turned Cat Beds

Learn to see the potential for cat habitats in everyday housewares; your cat sure does!

2. Magic Carpet Ride

Why not create a hammock under your coffee table for your cat to relax and hang out under cover?

3. Floating Shelves

Hanging shelves like stairs up a wall will give your cat a vertical world to explore, especially if there’s a little bed on top of a sturdy bookcase or over a doorway to curl up in.

4. Stackable Condo

Photo credit: Julie Bérest (aka, Miss Caturday) Stackable Condo (Design & Photo credit: Julie Bérest (aka, Miss Caturday) See her incredible Instagram account, too for cute kitties! Try stacking small side tables on top of each other to create a modern sisal wrapped cat condo. Find instructions on IKEA's website.  

5. Crochet Bed

If you’re handy with hooks and yarn, you could knit or crochet the softest little hideaway for your furry buddy.

6. Cardboard Castle

Houses made of cardboard boxes are inexpensive and fully customizable; cut out holes of varying sizes, stack them on top of each other, and leave some of the edges raw for scratching and rubbing. This is probably one of the easiest to do, has endless potential for decoration and ornamentation, like the clever and royal-looking peacock feather's that grace the one shown on the link above. (Do be careful when wielding your Exacto knife, though!)

7. Cat Case

Buy a large bookcase and cut square openings in each shelf to create a vertical and enclosed climber. Place a bed at the very top for maximum enjoyment.

8. Modern Cat Lounger

For a beautiful double decker cat climber, try stacking a sisal covered side table on top of a coffee table with faux fur lined lounge areas. In the example in the link above, Brittney used simple Ikea elements like in the Stackable Condo design, and also wrapped the legs with sisal, but gets wild with fun paint, fake fur elements and some added bells and whistles for play!

9. Unique Cat Post

All it takes to transform a boring cat scratching post is a little dye and printed carpet for major wow factor. Another one that looks immanently do-able, it's extremely useful and apparently pretty durable. We're discovering sisal rope in different widths has many applications for the do-it-yourselfer with a cat.

10. Sweater Bed

Upcycle that old comfy sweater into a cozy cat bed. This site has some terrific ideas for DIY pet fashion, too! No matter what you create, know that it will be totally handmade, thoughtful, and 100% loved by your little fuzzball!
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