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14 Differences Between Dog and Cat People | Vet Organics

The Furball War Continues: 14 Differences Between Dog and Cat People


There’s been a war waging since cats first domesticated themselves over 4000 years ago.  Dog lovers sit on one side: extroverted, lively, and athletic. On the other side, there are cat people: aloof and independent. For years, scientists thought these supposed differences were no more than anecdotal nonsense. But surveys conducted by an increasing number of reputable research firms and companies are adding some substance to these claims. Read on for 14 surprising differences between cat and dog people.

14 Differences Between Dog and Cat People | Vet Organics
  1.  Cat People Are Less Common

When surveyed, the American people tend to be dog lovers. Some surveys conclude that dog people outnumber cat people by as much as 500-percent. With only six-percent more US households owning dogs, this disparity is not reflected in household makeup

  1. Dog People Are More Extroverted

These surveys proved something we all already knew: dog people are more outgoing. While cat people enjoy quiet evenings at home, dog lovers are all about mingling and mixing. To be fair, this difference may be less about causation and more about correlation. It makes sense that those who enjoy meeting new people would prefer something that gives them an excuse to stroll down MainStreet.

  1. Cat People Enjoy Highbrow Humor

If we want to get a cat lover chortling, we should leave those AFV clips and fart jokes at home. Such lowbrow, simplistic humor is much more likely to tickle a dog person’s funny bone. Those who prefer cats tend to be more appreciative of puns and ironic humor. Forthose who want to impress at a cocktail party attended by cat people, try clever jokes and intellectual funnies.

14 Differences Between Dog and Cat People | Vet Organics
  1.  Dog People View Themselves as More Masculine

People tend to assume that all dogs are male, and all cats are female. So, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that dog owners, male and female alike, tend to view themselves as more masculine than cat lovers.   Considering a survey by the American Pet Products Association found that 80-percent of cat owners are women, maybe that fact isn’t all that shocking either.

  1. Cat People Are City Slickers

Animal lovers on the West and East Coasts tend to favor cats, while dogs dominate the American South. Cat people are also 29 percent more likely to live in the city, while dog lovers usually opt for homegrown country living. To be fair, this discrepancy could boil down to the fact that cats are a lot easier to keep in tight spaces. A Doberman can’t really appreciate a studio apartment, after all.

  1. Cat Owners Lean Democrat

When it comes to politics, cat owners tend to be leftist. They’re more likely to be pro-abortion, pro-gun control, and anti-establishment. Dog owners, on the other hand, are very into traditional values. This Democratic versus Republican mindset is further validated by the fact that cat people tend to be more open-minded and much less change averse. They’re also more likely to be atheists.

14 Differences Between Dog and Cat People | Vet Organics
  1.  Cat Lovers Are More Neurotic

Cat people are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety and other neurotic disorders. Is this because dogs make people less neurotic or because the neurotic prefer cats? Katherine Bao, who ran this personality study, believes it could go either way.  We probably won’t know which until she completes her longitudinal study on how pets influence personalities.

  1. Dog People Are Less Sensitive

Cat people tend to be more sensitive than their canine-loving counterparts. This means that they’re more likely to cry during sappy movies and take criticism to heart.

  1. They Have Different Career Preferences

Cat lovers prefer creative fields while dog people often opt for positions in finance. These preferences have led to an income gap with the average dog person making around 18-percent more than their feline-favoring counterparts. But cat people are less likely to spend their money on frivolous things.

14 Differences Between Dog and Cat People | Vet Organics
  1.  They Have Different Taste in Movies

Dog and cat people have different tastes in cinema. Dog owners tend to prefer action flicks and horror movies while cat lovers binge-watch documentaries.

  1. Dog Owners Are More Athletic

This one makes a lot of sense. Dogs need walks. People who like walking prefer dogs. They’re also more likely to take up things like yoga and jiu-jitsu.

  1. Dog Lovers Are More Open to Jumping the Fence

Studies show that those who like both cats and dogs—the ambidextrous—have personalities that more closely mimic those of dog people. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that dog lovers are also more likely to tolerate a cat’s presence than the other way around.

  1. Cat People Want Affection, but Dog People Want Companionship

Dog people want a best friend. They want someone to play ball with them and stay close at hand.  Cat lovers, on the other hand, are looking for simple affection. They want an animal that will cuddle up to them at night.  Or, they really like having a pet who’s secretly plotting their demise. It could go either way, really.

  1. Cat Owners Are More Educated and Cerebral

This one might raise some hackles, but cat lovers usually score higher on IQ tests than dog lovers, They’re also more likely to have completed a  master’s or doctorate’s degree.

Whether we prefer cats or dogs, we can all agree on one thing: pets make everything better. They give us someone to tell our deepest-darkest secrets to, keep invaders at bay, and fill even the loneliest night with laughter. So, let’s put away the pitchforks for now and give our fur baby a cuddle. They deserve it.

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