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16 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day - October 29th

16 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day - October 29th

Who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate? National Cat Day is a great reason to do something fun with our cats, for our cats, or for cats everywhere. From adoption to snuggles to crafting to parties, this is a day for all things - cats! For those of us looking for ideas, look no further. Here is a list of the many ways humans everywhere are sharing and participating in this day, together.

1.Adopt a cat and make all our lives better

National Cat Day Humans and cats benefit from their relationship with each other. We can head to the local rescue or shelter and ask about meeting the perfect cat or kitten for a home and lifestyle like ours.

2. Volunteer.

National Cat Day Not ready to adopt? Volunteer to be a play companion, clean holdings, clear litter boxes, help with an event - whatever may be needed. There’s a job for everyone and every time commitment.

3. Baking.

National Cat Day Families are baking cat-shaped cookie and cakes to share with classes, friends, and neighbors. Some of these baked goods are just a fun baking project. Some of these goods are to show appreciation for shelter volunteers, vet offices, and other animal welfare organizations.

4. Share support on social media.

National Cat Day Taking adorable pics of our cats and posting to social media, using #nationalcat day, can be a great way to spend ten minutes or the entire day for national cat day.

5. Help a neighbor with a cat or family of cats.

National Cat Day When we age or get sick, it can be our animal companions who suffer. We can be a cat-family-hero by heading over with cat food and cat treats, and by taking a moment to clean their litter box.

6. Make a commitment to cat health!

National Cat Day Decide to buy all natural cat products, like the family of health products from Vet Organics. National Cat Day is an opportunity to make changes to, or improve the cat pantry by adding the best cat health products on the market.

7. Get a professional cat-family photo.

National Cat Day People around the country are heading to Groupon, LivingSocial, and their local directory of photographers to get professional family photos taken with their kitties.

8. Add catnip

National Cat Day We can plant it in the house or garden. We can add it to kitty’s toys or scratching post. We can dry it in the pantry for future use. Already stocked? Add a few growing containers of cat-friendly grasses to the windowsill.

9. Donate.

National Cat Day If we can’t donate our time, we can donate our money or our crafts. Every year, cat and animal lovers who can’t donate their time or adopt (or in addition to adopting and volunteering) donate blankets, beds, toys, and food to rescues and shelters.

10. Do a home audit for safety.

Not every home is ideal for our cat companions. Many were the perfect set-up at the time of adoption but could use an update. Check for loose ledges, sharp objects, rickety places they may climb, and doors or windows that may lead to an unexpected escape to the outdoors by an indoor cat.

11. Do a home “fun” audit.

National Cat Day Cats are pretty adaptive. They will find something interesting in almost any home. But adding cat shelves and hammocks, getting a new scratching post, and introducing a few new toys can keep our kitties mentally engaged and healthy.

12. Get or give a cat massage.

National Cat Day It’s no secret our cats love a little snuggle time. We can get their favorite spots and even add a brush if our kitty is also in need of some grooming.

13. Choose to spend the day sporting carnival style fun.

National Cat Day We can face paint, wear ears, or make our cat women Halloween costume. Whatever we choose, we’ll be in good company with fellow cat guardians around the country who also celebrate the day of the cat.

14. Get a new cat collar.

National Cat Day If it’s been a while, we can make sure our cats have the most up to date info on their collar, like our name and phone number and the address they should be returned to. We can even get a GPS enabled collar in case we need to track our sweet pet or just want to check in and see what adventure they are up to.

15. Write our Congressman.

National Cat Day We can write to our political leader and ask that they support the ban of gas chambers and kitten mills in our state.

16. Throw a party!

National Cat Day There are so many ways to celebrate national cat day, but a party makes sense. Invite fellow cat guardians. Set up a cat-toy-crafting station. Put together a fun photo booth. Bake cat-friendly treats. Plant catnip together. We could even invite a rescue organization to bring a few cats or kittens in need of a home.

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