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3 Simple Ways to Prevent Dog Ear Infection

3 Simple Ways to Prevent Dog Ear Infection

Is your doggie scratching her ear? Is she shaking her head a lot? Are you noticing an unusual redness around his ear and particular unpleasant odor? Those might be clear signs that your dog is in pain due to an ear infection. If these symptoms seem all too familiar, then your dog probably gets ear infections on a regular basis. There are many natural remedies for dog ear infections, but the best option is to prevent them. Here are some natural ways to prevent ear infections in dogs:
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1. Regular Grooming

Keep a regular ear cleaning routine for your dog. Make sure you get rid of earwax, as well as debris, twigs and dirt, but don’t over do it! Check your dog’s ear weekly to see if they are dirty, but only clean when it’s necessary. This is probably the easiest and most efficient way to prevent dog ear infections.
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2. Healthy diet

Dogs need to eat healthy to feel good. That means a well-balanced diet! For example, in most dogs, grain-free and gluten-free diets prevent yeast build-up in the ears. This should help prevent an ear infection, but if your dog does get one, probiotics can be a good way to keep the balance of good bacteria in your doggie’s organism. In this case, give your pet some plain unsweetened yogurt and they should be on the way to better balance.
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3. Natural Cleaners

a dog sitting on a river bank Natural, organic cleaning solutions can be a great way to fight and prevent and ear infection in dogs. You can use calendula lotion, comfrey or tea tree oil as a cleaner for your dog's ears. Another option, is to opt for a product like EcoEars, which combines a number of all natural ingredients for ear cleaning. While you can use it as a natural remedy for dog ear infections, it's also an excellent ear cleaner that will prevent bacteria, yeast and other gunk from building up and causing your best friend any pain. These are only a few of the most effective natural ways for dog ear infections. They should help to get your doggie back on her feet and happy again!
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