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6 Most Common Deadly, but Preventable Dog Illnesses (Part Two)

6 Most Common Deadly, but Preventable Dog Illnesses (Part Two)

A happy, healthy life is the best opportunity we have to show our love (and responsibility) to our pets. There are many ways to do this, but identifying some of the most common deadly, but preventable dog illnesses is an important step. Be sure to visit ' 6 Most Common Deadly, but Preventable Dog Illnesses Part One' for the first three illnesses on our list.
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But I like mushrooms. Are they bad fungi?

Fungal Diseases

Fungi can be deadly for humans and animals. They are parasitic organisms that live in organic material, such as soil, compost, and other places that are conducive to their survival. They can be spread by contact with an infected environment and carried by airborne spores. Some are worse than others. They can affect the entire body or remain localized to a specific system or organ. As far as deadly, but preventable dog illnesses go, this one is probably one the least well-known. Symptoms: Because a fungal infection can affect any part of the body, symptoms can range widely. If it’s a skin infection, it can cause itching and irritation. If it’s a fungal ear infection, it can lead to itching, inflammation, and loss of hearing. If it’s a respiratory infection, it can cause coughing and pneumonia, which can lead to death. Stats & Cost If it’s identified early enough, the average cost of a fungal infection in the U.S. is $800, but if it progresses into a chronic illness or disease, it can be much more. Treatment: preventable dog illnesses Treatment will vary according to the area of infection, but will commonly be treated with antifungal medications. Keeping our dogs in a healthy environment that will not cause regular exposure to fungi is an important prevention measure. It’s also important to ensure our pups have a strong immune system that can fight basic infections. At Vet Organics, we recommend EcoImmune, a strong, daily supplement that is effective for building and maintaining a healthy immune system for cats and dogs. Simply sprinkle this powerful booster on their food. It’s delicious and effective.
preventable dog illnesses

I don't really like getting vaccines, but they are important to my safety and survival. Don't skip getting me vaccinated, please.

Canine Distemper

This virus is incredibly contagious and remains the reason many shelters and doggy daycare centers can experience tragic outbreaks. It can infect others up to 20 feet away and is deadly for puppies and dogs that have not been vaccinated properly. It can sometimes occur in dogs that are vaccinated, but have been exposed to an infected area or infected canine.


  • Discharge from eyes and nose
  • Coughing
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsions
  • Seizures

Stats & Cost: The average cost of treating distemper in the U.S. is $1800, but can range around $3,000 for difficult cases or depending upon the geographic region of infection and treatment. Once a dog begins to develop neurological symptoms, which can occur three months after infection, their odds of survival are significantly decreased. If our companion ends up with a Distemper infection in their stomach or respiratory system, they may recover, but will have a compromised immune system as well as ongoing weak or compromised digestive and respiratory systems.

Treatment: There is no cure for Distemper so the only true treatment is prevention. We need to get our pups vaccinated correctly and ensure that we avoid unvaccinated canines and puppies. If we choose to board our fur-baby, we need to choose a boarding facility that requires proof of vaccination from all residents.

preventable dog illnesses

I like getting lot's of treats, but I like running and playing with my guardian even more.

Canine Obesity

Obesity is a serious problem for much of the population right now. It is one of the top deadly, but preventable dog illnesses out there. Overweight dogs are more prone to secondary diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Overfeeding, too many treats, too much rich human food, and not enough exercise are the most common causes of obesity in dogs.


  • Improper waistline or no palpable rib cage
  • Distended abdomen
  • Lack or self-grooming
  • Lack of mobility
  • Difficulty breathing
Stats & Cost: Luckily, treatment in U.S. is minimal because there are no medicines that can be responsibly administered for canine obesity. The price tag is typically $220, which often reflects an investment in weight control foods. The real investment is time. Spending more time playing and being active with our pups is an important, daily, anti-obesity step.

Treatment: preventable dog illnesses We recommend EcoEats There is no easy fix. Once a human or pup have become overweight, the metabolism can slow and it can be difficult to find healthy ways to rev it up again so it burns fat effectively. Proper diet and exercise are part of a healthy, happy life and certainly also part of preventing and correcting obesity. , an organic dog food, which contains nutritious whole foods and is formulated to be delicious for dogs. It's an effective means of helping to prevent or manage obesity in dogs with healthful food, free-from fattening commercial fillers often found in other dog foods. There are many deadly, but preventable dog illnesses out there. Getting to know how to avoid them through lifestyle and medical choices for our pups is an important step toward a happy, healthy life with our canine companions.
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