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6 Tips to Keep Pet-riotic Pets Safe on July Fourth

Pets Stress and Anxiety
July FourthAmericans everywhere are planning their yearly Independence Day blowouts. July Fourth is almost here, which means BBQs, pool parties, and all manner of United States flag-themed outfits and decorations adorning our person, our homes, and maybe even our pets. Part of the fabulous festivities are July Fourth fireworks. Some of us will stop at our nearest fireworks stand to pick up our favorite boomers and sparklers. Others will carefully plan locations, routes, and parking for the best fireworks shows.
The day after the Fourth of July is the biggest day for lost pets who tried to escape the loud raining fire.
For our pets, it’s a different story. Loud booming and crackling is scary! Some of them will hide under the bed or a in a corner. Others will try to curl up in our laps. And many more will end up fleeing the comfort and safety of home in a blind attempt to escape the noise. The American Humane Association has reported that July 5th is their busiest time of the year. Pets are commonly lost and end up in shelters following natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and tornados. But year after year, the day after the Fourth of July is the biggest day for lost pets who tried to escape the loud raining fire. Let’s find some solutions…

Keep Canines and Cats Indoors at All Times

Add walls and a roof to help insulate pets from the noisy light show. It may not seem like it will make much of a difference, but every little bit of insulation helps. Plus, escaping the backyard through a gate left open by company, breaking restraints, and jumping fences in a terrified attempt to find safety can all be avoided by just keeping them inside.

Skip Pet Attendance at the July Fourth Fireworks Show

July Fourth Our fur-family is safest at home. Skip adding a crowded, unfamiliar location to the loud, fiery display. And locking them in the car doesn’t work either. Too many pets are lost to brain damage and heat stroke from being locked in cars. Remember, when the outside temperature is 70 degrees, it’s 104 degrees in the car within 30 minutes.
Locking them in the car doesn’t work either.

Identification is a Must

July Fourth Wearing identification year-round would be better, but the Fourth of July is one of the most important times of the year to make sure IDs are up to date and securely fastened. If our pups manage to break loose or find an open door, we’ll still be more likely to be reunited. We can consider getting Fido microchipped on top of the collar ID. And it’s a great idea to have a recent picture of our pets available just in case we need to put up signs. For ID ideas, read this.
Fourth of July is one of the most important times of the year to make sure IDs are up to date and securely fastened

Anticipate a Little Destruction

July Fourth

This is really for the people who aren’t familiar with how their new pet will react to fireworks. If there have been recent thunderstorms, we may have an early indicator of reactions to loud noises. Some pets just try to hide. Others may lose their bladder. Some become destructive out of stress and end up chewing furniture and shoes. Nobody wants to discipline a pet who has already been upset. Have a few towels nearby for clean-up. Remember to be patient and understanding.
Everyone handles fear differently. Be prepared. Show them love. It will come back to us, ten-fold.
Celebrations are fun for people and pets. Guests, games, belly rub - for the dogs, not the humans … probably. Just help guests remember not to leave alcohol unattended. It’s poisonous for pets. The same goes for insect repellant, sunscreen, and citronella products. They should be labeled as pet-safe, or not used on our fur-friends. And even though many guests will find those hypnotic puppy eyes irresistible, table scraps should be avoided.

EcoBalance-Calming July Fourth 

 Table scraps should be avoided, even though we'll be faced with irresistible hypnotic puppy eyes looking for a piece of BBQ. Never underestimate the power of a natural, organic remedy for anxiety. Vet Organics offers EcoBalance, which is an inexpensive, extra-strength anxiety solution for dogs and cats. It’s safe and gentle, but formulated to act on those raw pet nerves. Canines and kittens will be able to enjoy the day, clear-headed and free of expensive medicines. Soothing, calm, and tranquil spaces will help, but having the right remedy on-hand is just good pet-parenting.  Never underestimate the power of a natural, organic remedy for anxiety like Vet Organics EcoBalance, a proven extra-strength anxiety solution. So, enjoy the party and let’s celebrate the fourth with good food, good friends, a great fiery show, and happy, healthy pets.So, enjoy the party, and let’s celebrate the Fourth with good food, good friends, a great fiery show, and happy, healthy pets.

Michelle Lievense

Michelle is a writer and ghostwriter, specializing in wellness, sustainability, and global social change. She is particularly fond of serving ethical organizations who contribute to a better life for people and animals through humane and environmentally responsible missions. At Vet Organics, Michelle uses her time as a vet tech, her academic studies in animal science and behavior, and nearly a decade working on a ranch teaching animal husbandry to write on a variety of cat and canine health topics. When she isn't writing, Michelle can be found hiking in the mountains of Colorado with her dogs or snuggled up with a good book and her cats.

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