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7 Great Inventions for Pet Owners

7 Great Inventions for Pet Owners

We all know that owning a pet is worthwhile but not always cheap. In fact, last year pet owners spent nearly $60 billion on food and supplies, health care, grooming, and boarding costs. With that kind of money up for grabs, it’s no wonder that many companies are focused on inventing new products to entice pet owners to reach for their wallets. Take a look at some of the more interesting inventions waiting for you and your pet.
  1. New dog trendIt may look like you and your dog are headed to the roller disco! More importantly, you can now take your dog for a walk without fear of being hit by a car. Light up the night with a Dog-e-Glow Leash Collar for just $23.99.
  1. cardekHelp your dog relax while riding in the car. Install this stable platform over the backseat. A steady place to sit will keep your pet from sliding around, and you’ll both enjoy the ride a whole lot more. CarDek - PetDek Pet and Cargo Transport Platform for Automobiles for $129.95.
  1. Don’t let your pets get bored! Even when you don’t have time to play with them, the laser toyFroliCat™ Dart™ Automatic Rotating Laser Light Pet Toy at $29.99 will keep your pet entertained and happy. Plus, you’ll have hours of fun watching them play!
  1. dual leashDo your walks with two or more dogs wind up in a tangled mess of leashes? Put an end to the headaches and enjoy your strolls with the pups again with The Freedom Leashs 2, at $49.99.
  1. Feel like your arm is about to fall off after throwing so many tennis balls for your dog? ball launcherNow your furry friend can get plenty of exercise with just the touch of a button. Learn about the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher and consider never worrying about your dog getting bored again!
  1. new dog accessoriesOf course, all this walking and running can mean your dog gets a little dirty. Keep the mud outside with Paw Plunger. Just a quick dip and the house stays clean!
  1. icpoochWant to talk to your pet even when you’re away from home? With iCPooch, you can do that and deliver a treat! For just $99, this marvelous gadget lets you have a video chat with your pet whenever you want.
Those are some of the great inventions out there that make owning a pet an even more wonderful experience! Take a moment and explore these gadgets for yourself.
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