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7 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

7 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

One of the best ways to spare your pet those anxious trips to the vet is to make sure they don’t get sick in the first place. Even though both cats and dogs have extremely strong immune systems, sometimes, they still need a little extra boost. This is especially true if they’ve had health issues recently, your dog is older or is a very young puppy. Here are some ways that you can boost your dog’s immune system naturally.

"The vet seems nice, but I'd rather just not get sick at all..."

1. Add EcoImmune to Your Pet’s Diet

The EcoImmune Immune Support Formula for Dogs & Cats is a natural and very affordable immune supplement that can be used for both dogs and cats. It features an easily absorbed dry formula and is made from the best quality ingredients that nature has to offer. EcoImmune is super easy to use - just add the formula to your pet’s food daily. It is also completely safe, since it has no artificial ingredients.

"Help me keep my immune system balanced and healthy with EcoImmune!"

2. Give Your Dog Organic Products

There are pesticides and herbicides that are used in most of the foods that are grown commercially. While they are a great option for reducing pests, they could have a negative impact on your pet’s health. Organically grown foods are the better options, as they don’t contain these chemicals. This is especially important if you occasionally feed raw foods to your dog. Additionally, your dog’s immune system will benefit, since organic products tend to have higher nutrient values, which means more benefits for your pet.

"Organic, shmorgamic, whatever tastes good, OK?"

3. Make Sure Your Water is Clean

The water that we drink is usually heavily processed. In some areas, it means that it’s completely safe to drink, while in others, too many chemicals end up inside for it to be good for your pet’s health. If you are not sure about the quality of the water where you live, just give your pet filtered water. It’s both healthy and sustainable. And while you are playing outside, carry a bottle of water around to keep your pet from dehydrating.

Fresh, clean water will keep your pet healthy.

4. Encourage Your Pet to Exercise

Just as their owners, pets need a healthy dose of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Exercise helps build the immune system, stay at a healthy weight and active through their lifetime. If you pet gets a chance to play outside, they also get much needed exposure to natural light and vitamin D. You can do simple things like take your dog on a walk or throw a ball around. For cats, you should have an ample collection of toys and climbing structures to stimulate play-time.

"Let's play!"

5. Minimize Stress

Anxiety and stress can be a detriment to your pet’s well-being. Every pet has different stress triggers. For example, if you pet has separation anxiety, try to make sure that you don’t leave them alone in the home for too long. Or maybe noises and visitors stress them out? In this case, have an area just for them, put some soothing music on, and give them space when visitors are over. Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive, so look out for signs of stress and anxiety!

"I miss you!"

6. Control Their Weight

Being overweight can put extra stress on your pet’s organism. Animals that are overweight are more susceptible to chronic illnesses and acute disease infections than those with a healthy weight. Exercise, raw and minimally processed food should help your pet stay within a healthy weight limit.

Did you just say I am fat???"

7. Medicate Wisely and Minimally

It might seem like a good idea to medicate if you see your pet in distress, but it’s always best to get professional advice before you use any chemical medicine. You can make your pet drug-dependent, which is very dangerous. On the other hand, antibiotics are often overused and can reduce immune system response. Sometimes, we just need to let our pet’s immune system to fight health issues. The best way to know for sure is to consult with your vet.

Dog's have strong immune systems. Let them do their job before enlisting the help of chemical meds.

Sometimes, small lifestyle changes can make the difference between a health and a sick pet. A good diet, exercise and reduced stress are some very easy ways to make sure that your pet’s immune system is at its best. These seven tips will help you have a happier and healthier pet.
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