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Adopt A Dog Month For Those Who Aren’t Adopting

Adopt A Dog Month For Those Who Aren’t Adopting

October is Adopt a Dog Month, but not everyone is ready to take the plunge. For those who are still researching breeds, lifestyle needs, and how a fur-baby will fir in their home, there’s a ton we can do to celebrate Adopt a Dog Month without actually adoption a dog.

Not Adopting? Get Active for Adopt a Dog Month Without Adopting

From educating our network on adoption, to supporting our local shelter, and working directly with animals that need adoption, there’s plenty we can do that won’t require that we adopt in order to improve the lives of dogs (and cats) in need of forever homes.
adopt a dog month

you don't have to adopt me but can help find my new forever home anyway i am all packed 

Support Through Education

Sometimes it’s just a tiny tidbit or realization waiting to happen that keeps people from adoption.
  • Start a blog and educate the world about adoption topics. Anyone who has adopted or feels passionate about the topic can write about it and inspire others to take action.
  • We can write an op-ed about the importance of adoption. By submitting it to the local paper, we’ll be able to suggest local shelters and adoption organizations.
  • Give a speech. Audience size is secondary. Many schools, for example, look for people to talk about what’s happening in their communities. By educating small groups of people, we can motivate people to consider adoption.
  • Organize an event and bring in the bigwigs. We can pull together a 5k fun run, a pet Halloween costume contest, or a puppy fashion show. Whatever we decide, we can educate the public about adoption while having fun, and making a difference. Plus, it never hurts to share all or some of the proceeds with a local shelter or rescue organization.
adopt a dog month

At a local leadership retreat, participants and colleagues assembled pet adoption starter kits with a leash, collar, brush, treat samples, food samples, and basic medical care, like Vet Organic’s EcoImmune™ Immune Support & Booster Supplement

They grew closer by sharing stories of past and present pets, whether they were dog or cat people, and their best adoption stories. Many shelter and rescue animals have had it rough and are still stressed out while they adjust to life in their forever home. Providing a boost for their immunity with something simple and effective, like EcoImmune, which is a powder supplement we simply sprinkle on their food, can ensure they are healthy and at their best. . Adopt a dog month

Support Through Sharing

  • Sharing the fact that it’s Adopt a Dog Month with our network on our social channels can be a great way to raise awareness and prompt adoptions. Use #savedogs where hashtags matter.
  • Adoption stories and successes are always appreciated. By sharing our ups and downs while encouraging adoption, we can inspire more success stories.
  • Many shelters and adoption organizations keep profiles and pictures of pups waiting for forever homes. Finding some that are local and broadcasting a profile, or five, can help someone find the perfect match.
  • Send an email and ask that people pass it on. We don’t have to turn it into chain mail that threatens people with seven years of bad luck if they don’t send it along. Just share the profile of a pup in need and ask that people forward to anyone they think may be interested.
adopt a dog month

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. Sharing this article would probably help me find a home. And you would be participating in Adopt a Dog Month!

During Hurricane Irma, EcoEats, a healthy food for dogs that is easier to digest than commercial food was donated as an important resource for abandoned dogs. It’s dehydrated, so it’s easy and inexpensive to ship. Plus, it’s as close to a whole food diet as we can get without cooking a complete meal every day.

adopt a dog month

Support Through Caring

  • Donate. Money is one of easiest ways to give back and support as many homeless pups as possible. We can donate locally, or to an online organization who’s doing great work.
  • Become a foster parent. We may not be ready to adopt just yet, but fostering can be a great way to provide a temporary home without the lifetime commitment.
  • Volunteering can be a one-time thing or ongoing. And when donating space in our home or money out of our pocket just won’t work, calling shelters and rescue organizations to let them know our availability can be the next best thing.
  • Many rescues and rescue centers will hold events meant to raise money, awareness, or increase adoptions. Sometimes they have silent auctions of donated goods. Donate a fur-family portrait, crafted dog beds and toys, or other products and services people might big on.

adopt a dog month There are some things every dog owner needs but almost always forgets until it has become a problem. Every region of the United States experiences pests that need to be kept under control, but most vets will recommend preventative treatments that are toxic and full of pesticides. Vet Organics recommends all new puppy parents keep EcoBug in their arsenal and use as a preventative regimen. It’s non-toxic and gentle on dogs, but formulated to be powerful against the trifecta - fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Include this in an adoption kit or donate it to shelters and rescues. It’s one of those items people won’t know they need, but will end up being thankful for.

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