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Best Tips on Safety, Health, And Play For Dogs In Autumn

Best Tips on Safety, Health, And Play For Dogs In Autumn

Autumn has a lot to offer for everyone. It’s cooler and can be more comfortable, but we need to keep our attention on how the season can affect our four-legged friends. These tips for dogs in Autumn will help all of us stay safe, healthy, and will keep the season fun. If you missed our first list of “Top Tips: Safety, Health, And Play For Dogs In Autumn,” check it out!  
  • tips for dogsNow that the weather is cooling down, Fall is the time for new energy and play! Autumn leaves are being raked into piles. Why not play in them for an extra 10-20 minutes. Many dogs love to run through those piles of crispy leaves. Some will lay down and roll around. Jump in and roll around with them. It’s fun, engaging, and a great relationship builder.

tips for dogsAllergies are also a consideration when we’re playing in Fall leaves. Keeping our pups immune system healthy and running strong is one of our best tips for dogs and one of the best ways to avoid sneezing and irritation this time of year. EcoAllergy is specially formulated to provide immune system support and ease allergies for both, dogs and cats. Just sprinkle it on their food at mealtime. It tastes great to dogs and cats and is a simple way to administer a supplement.

  • Toxins and poisons are more prevalent. Autumn is a season of mushrooms and fungi. Most are not toxic, but the 1% that are dangerous are life-threatening. In addition, as the weather cools down, we find rodents, insects, and other pests finding their way into our homes. That means there’s more rat poisons and rodenticides present. Don’t forget that antifreeze is a problem too. Use humane traps whenever possible, check the yard often for mushrooms, and properly store any poisons away from pets at all times.
  The ASPCA has an important and informative guide regarding mushrooms. If a fur-friend has ingested mushrooms or poison, don’t wait for symptoms to show. We should take our pet to the vet as soon as possible and questions can be directed to the ASPCS Animal Poison Control Center.  
  • An apple a day might not be best for Fido because the apple core and seeds contain arsenic. The stems and leaves are also poisonous. This time of year, apples are growing and dropping from trees where our pups can get at them. Keep the ground clear of rotting apples and we should only let our pups snack on the apple flesh. Even though the flesh of the apple is great for dogs, in our list of tips for dogs in autumn, we add that pumpkins are a great snack!

tips for dogsWhile the fruit part of the apple is safe for dogs, pumpkins are a superfood for humans, dogs and cats. In fact, it’s recommended dogs eat about a tablespoon of pumpkin puree every day. This is the season for it right? Check out this article, “What You Need to Know About Pumpkins and Dog Nutrition: It’s Not Just For Pies and Lattes.” Here, we discuss the health benefits of pumpkin and the many quick, easy ways we can prepare it for our fur-babies as a healthy snack!  

  • Less heat means a little more food. Many animals, including people, have a lower appetite in summer because of the heat, but as the weather cools, a small to moderate increase of about 10% in food is not only healthy desirable for us, but healthy for our cats and canines, according to veterinarians. One of our best tips for dogs is to avoid increasing high-calorie treats. Obesity is one of the top illnesses among fur-babies in the U.S. so we want to add to their nutritional intake in a measured way.
  tips for dogsIt’s important that dogs get meaningful nutritious food, regardless of the season. EcoEats is dehydrated food that is as close as anyone can get to a whole food diet as possible, without the fuss of expensive grocery bills and constant meal prep. It’s free of the fillers and additives present in commercial food and is veterinarian approved.  
  • Keep the fur coat and bring them inside! Fall still has many warm days, but it has colder nights and can sometimes suddenly turn cold during.If we work in a warm office, we may blind to the cold snaps. For those who shave their dogs in the summer, now is the time to let their coat grow out. And make plans to add a dog door or bring them inside on cold nights. This is especially important for senior dogs.
  We can make a deal with a few neighbors and add temperature notifications to our phones. If it’s our day off or we know the neighbor isn’t home, we can quickly bring their dog in for them when we see that push notification that the temp has dropped below a comfortable level. Remember, even though we may have a breed that loves to be out in the cold, they still need access to a dry, warm place and water that isn’t frozen.
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