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Cat Resolutions for the New Year

Cat Resolutions for the New Year

The new year is a wonderful time to decide on new habits, new attitudes, and new approaches. For cat guardians, the new year can be a time to reflect on our cat companion’s to look for opportunities to make this year our best year yet! Check out these fun cat resolutions for ideas.

Cat Resolutions

  • Prepare the emergency kit. We can’t be sure that a natural disaster, house fire, or other emergency will skip us. Just in case the unthinkable happens, we should have a full body picture of our cat companion, emergency numbers, and we should be sure our kitty has been microchipped.
  • Finally capture the red dot. As common as exercise to resolutions, it’s relevant to our kitties too. We should go ahead and invest in that extra laser pointer along with the time to play with our feline friends every day. Active exercise is not just a cardio thing. It keeps our fur-friends heart healthy and happy.
  • Learn a new trick. OK. We may consider tricks to be a “dog thing,” but the truth is, cats can learn commands. And teaching our cat something new will not only help them to maintain an engaged mental condition, it can also help us to build a healthy relationship with our cats. We can teach them simple tricks like coming when their name is called, high-fives, sit, and go to your spot. If we are feeling like something more advanced would be fun, we can try harness training and obstacle courses.
  • Eat healthfully. Nutrition is another common resolution and cats wish to be healthy and comfortable just like anyone. We can evaluate the labels of their food and favorite treats. And we can make sure they have supplements to support their digestive needs. EcoDigestive is a powerful probiotic and enzyme support formula that is natural, affordable, and easy to administer.
  • Pursue better self-care. Our feline friends may not resolve to visit a spa or spend more time at kitty yoga, but we can resolve to make sure our cats get the best possible care. By brushing them regularly, or taking them to the groomer, we can avoid the harder job of removing tangles. We should brush their teeth regularly, make sure they have fresh scratching posts, and double check that they have the best kitty litter and catnip love (and budget-friendly money) can buy.
  • Pursue lifelong learning. We all resolve to better ourselves in one way or another. By creating a rich environment, we can ensure the best mental acuity for pets and people. When it comes to our feline fur-babies, we can switch up the cat tree layout, provide food puzzles, surround them with new toys, and spend time with them in new ways. If we help them discover their next adventure, we’ll be enriching our own lives well-being as well.
  • Thwart photographs, crown the ‘king of the boxes,’ and refine the sneaky-pounce method. Cats are notoriously mischievous. A healthy mischievous streak can also be part of a healthy, engaged mind. We can make sure they get plenty of new boxes to explore and other opportunities to stretch and flex their prankster muscles.
  • Head to the doctor. Fur-babies need a yearly check-up to ensure they aren’t developing any diseases, to check their weight, make sure they are up to date on vaccines, and check for common, age appropriate health maladies. It’s up to us to make the appointment and follow-up. Let’s make this the year we get the whole household to the doc for our yearly exams.
  • Get more sleep. A full night’s sleep is important for our mental health, our physical health, and it keeps us from aging faster than necessary. Cats love their catnaps and they need a lot of them. They are also nocturnal and need to have the space and supportive environment to sleep and play according to their natural patterns. Creating cat resolutions should mean we do a quick audit of our kitten's environment and comfort.
  For more about cats and their natural activity and sleep patterns, check out this recent article, Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?You might also like “Do Dogs Dream?” Even though it’s about dogs, the answer is very similar when it comes to cats. New Year’s resolutions may be something we commonly associate with human fitness goals, but this year, let’s entertain the idea that cat resolutions are a way to make sure our fur-babies are safe, happy, and healthy all year-round.
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