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Open the camera app on your phone. It's a good guess that at least half of your photos are pictures of your pets being silly, adorable, or just plain weird. But did you ever think about creating a social media account for your pets’ daily glamour shots? Here’s a surprising fact from Social Talent: “There are an estimated 23 million pet profiles currently in existence worldwide.” Wow! That’s a lot of cute. As far back as 2011, The Telegraph reported that one in ten pets in the U.K. had their own profile on Facebook, a worldwide trend that has been growing. Facebook advises that setting up a profile for a pet is against terms of service, and advice pet owners to set up a page for their pet, rather than a profile. For more on this minor controversy, see the community dialog on Facebook Help. Anyway, without further ado, here are 5 pets with their own social media profiles around the web to get you up to speed in the world of delightfully charming pet celebrities.

1. Poh’s Bucket List

Find Poh's Instagram feed here. You can also find Vet Organics on Instagram! When Thomas Neil Rodriguez of New York City discovered that his 15-year-old dog Poh was diagnosed with a terminal illness, he decided to give his best friend the adventure of a lifetime. What started as a trip from NYC to the Pacific Ocean turned into an epic journey across “35 cities for a total travel trail of 12,000 miles,” NBC News confirms. Rodriguez chronicled Poh’s great adventure on social media, attracting 109,000 followers to his beautiful and inspiring Instagram feed.

2. Boo the Fuzzy Pomeranian Bear Cub

Boo has tons of Facebook fans.
Boo has tons of Facebook fans. Touted as “the world’s cutest dog,” Boo has over 17 million Facebook likes. It’s no surprise he has a dedicated following since he loves wearing tiny dog clothes and cuddling up with his other adorably cute dog siblings. As his page states, "My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good."

3. Maru the Cat

According to Wired, Maru is the “most famous feline on the internet.” Hailing from Japan, this Scottish Fold kitty has over 290 million views on YouTube, with videos ranging from Maru playing in boxes to sitting in kitchen bowls. Maru’s released two books and a DVD; talk about lovable kitty overload! Some of our favorite of the dozens of entertaing videos are 冷蔵庫とまるとはな or Refrigerator and Maru&Hana for the non-Japanese readers, and Red bed and Maru&Hana. japanese
The video Refrigerator and Maru&Hana has delightful cat's eye views and slo-mo leaps.  

4. Manny the French Bulldog

Manny's Facebook page has a handy "Shop" button, and his owners say he loves to give some of his largess to charity. Manny became an internet celebrity after owner Amanda Chavez shared a picture of him sleeping in a sink. According to CBS News, Chavez quit her job to manage Manny’s career, which currently includes “a 15-city national tour.” The article continues to say that Manny’s owners “donated half of their profits to charity, yet still made over $100,000” during 2014. Like most good celebrity pets, Manny more than earns his keep with the eponymous marketing line of clothing, calendars and more. His nicknames from his Facebook page include: Pacman, Bubba, Baby Boy, Bubbles, Baba, Bat Pig, Frog Dog, Stinker, "and many, many more!"

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5. Grumpy Cat

No list of pet celebrities would be complete without mentioning good ol’ Grumpy Cat, or Tarder Sauce, as her owners call her affectionately. Pictures of this cat’s sour puss, coupled with her personal interest of “disliking everyone,” caught the internet by storm. This little frowny face has her own books, decorates T-shirts and socks, and has even appeared in movies. Thank goodness for the internet—we can’t imagine a world without viral pet videos to share and adorable pictures to like right at our fingertips. If you start following any of these pets, you will always have somewhere to turn for a smile, even on your worst days.   For another take on celebrity pets, check out pets with their Celebrity Owners: Follow Vet Organics's board Celeb Pets on Pinterest.

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