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Dog Ear Infection Remedies

Dog Ear Infection Remedies

Dogs often suffer from ear infections, which can be painful and difficult to get rid of. But there are many natural remedies for dog ear infections that can help you and your dog. Before visiting a vet, it might be easier to use some natural home remedies. Here are a few easy and useful methods to treat, cure and prevent ear infections in dos. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps kill bacteria and yeast, which often cause dog ear infections. It can also help prevent them from spreading. Just mix some vinegar and water and clean your dog's ear with the mixture. This will help reduce inflammation and get rid of the infection. 

"I missed the vinegar part, got excited about apples!"

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of those miracle plants. It works really well on many health issues, including to reduce irritation and inflammation. It's completely natural and will help your dog get better faster. Just use some Aloe Vera gel directly from the plant to calm the ear and reduce irritation along with the redness.

"I am keeping still, hopefully this exotic plant helps"

Almond Oil

Natural oils tend to have various positive properties. Almond oil can help reduce inflammation and clean up your dogs ear. This natural remedy for dog ear infection is easy to use - just place some drops in your pet's ear. You can also try other oils like coconut or olive oil. 

Natural oils can reduce inflammation

Probiotic Yogurt

Sometimes, you have to give your dog antibiotics for dog ear infections, because the infection is so severe. In this case, accompany these with some probiotic yogurt to help your doggy restore good bacteria in their body. Plus, it's a natural remedy to get rid of the yeast, so you can apply some on your dog's ear while you are at it.  The natural dog ear infection remedies are great ways to treat you pet once there is an issue. They are completely safe for your pet. If you prefer over-the-counter medication for dog ear infection, consult with your vet first.  At the same time, consider prevention as well. For this, you can keep a clean environment through proper hygiene, groom your dog occasionally to avoid an infection, ensuring Vitamin C rich nutrition for your pet.

"There is lots of bacteria right here! I don't need no yogurt!"

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