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Dog Ear Infections – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dog Ear Infections – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Ear infections in dogs are the leading cause of visits to the vet, especially since many dog owners don’t see the early symptoms until it’s too late. The good news is, while dog ears infection are common, they can be easily treated and often prevented.

With the right knowledge, you can save your pet the pain and trouble that comes with ear infections by preventing the disease and treating the symptoms early on. To always be up-to-date, subscribe to Vet Organics Newsletter for weekly tips and information about pet care. Pets are family, and family matters most.


"I know everything there is to know about dog ear infections. Do you?"

The first step to properly treat and prevent dog ear infections is to understand their symptom.This way you can treat the infection before it gets out of hand. Of course, symptoms of a dog ear infection may vary from pet to pet, but in general, if you see any or a number of these signs, your dog is likely suffering from an ear infection:
  • Slight tilt of the head
  • Holding one ear at a different angle than the other
  • Head shaking
  • Redness of the ear flaps
  • Swelling
  • Brown, bloody or yellow discharge
  • Your dog’s ears smell
  • Scabs or crusts on the inside of the outer ear
  • Loss of balance
  • Dog walking in circles
  • Hearing loss

Symptoms like hearing loss can be avoided if the infection is properly treated early on.


Know the symptoms of dog ear infections for prevention and quick treatment.

What Causes Ear Infection In Dogs

It’s not entirely clear what the causes are, but there are a few factors that heighten the risk of ear infections in dogs. These are:

Dog breed or anatomy.For example, dogs with hanging ears like retrievers, setters and spaniels are predisposed to infections. The longer flaps create a dark, moist internal environment that is perfect for the growth of yeast and bacteria.

Diet.Certain foods and environmental allergies are also closely linked to ear infections. Excessive grain and sugar, for example, are the perfect food for yeast and can cause yeast overgrowth leading to infection. Try to reduce these types of food in your pet’s diet.

Lifestyle. Swimming and bathing are super fun, but can create a moist environment in the ears and result in growth of bacteria and yeast. After your dog’s dip in the pool, lake or even in the tub, make sure to gently dry out her ears with a soft towel or cotton wool to prevent this.

Parasites.Even though relatively uncommon, parasites like mites quickly find their way into the dog’s ears. Ear mites can present symptoms for dogs that are similar to ear infections. Luckily, they’re much easier to using natural products like EcoEars.


"It's not my fault I was born with floppy ears! Please clean them regularly so I don't get an ear infection..."

How to Treat Dogs Ear Infections

Preventing a disease is always the best option, but sometimes it can be too late. In that case, swift and comprehensive treatment is the best way to go. Dog ear infections, if not treated properly, can drag on for years, costing your lovely pet their hearing ability and causing tremendous pain. Here are some of the best treatment options:

1. EcoEars

The very first treatment we recommend you to try is EcoEars. It treats dog ear infection within days in 94% of the cases. The product is simple to use and made from all-natural ingredients, so it’s very safe for your pet. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than vet visits and tends to work faster than other remedies. You can also use EcoEars to for ear cleaning, as a prevention from ear infections.

2. Home Remedies

You also have some home remedies. These are highly affordable and in the early stages of ear infection, they can be somewhat useful. However, they also do have a very high rate of failure. Some of the home remedies that you can use include macerated garlic and apple cider vinegar.

3. Visiting a Vet

A visit to the vet can be a costly affair and take a long time before your dog is properly diagnosed and treated. That said, in severe cases it is absolutely necessary. If you’ve tried other ear infection treatments and they are not working, then visiting a vet might be necessary and even life-saving for your pet.


EcoEars is super easy to use! Plus, it's all natural.

Dogs ear infections can be persistent and expensive to treat especially when the disease has progressed. For prevention, you should always be looking out for symptoms and keeping your dog’s ears clean and healthy. Luckily, if your dog does get an ear infection, EcoEars is a simple, fast and effective treatment that can save you hundreds of dollars and save your pet a lot of pain at the same time.


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