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Dog Food Brands Eukanuba and Iams Sold to Candy Maker

Mars, the company most known for its worldwide brands such as M&Ms, Snickers, and Life Savers, is expanding its reach into the pet market. Adding to its current pet food brands Whiskas and Pedigree, Mars is buying Iams and Eukanuba from Procter and Gamble for $2.9 billion.

This is significant because the roots of these brands as 'healthy alternatives' to normal mass produced kibble brands are clearly moving into hands known for massive volume production of candies and not with quality food products.

While these brands were once considered 'high-end' products, they are now considered mid-range offerings, with premium brands today taking on an entire new face featuring higher quality proteins, no animal byproducts and even organics in many cases. It seems is likely that quality of the Iams and Eukanuba brands gets sacrificed further over time than what they originally represented. Craig Davis, founder of Vet Organics, notes, "This company makes their money from products that cause human obesity. What do you think is more important to them, fat animals or fat profits?"

Vet Organics advocates a dog and cat diet consisting of raw animal proteins including beef, chicken and pork and vegetables. It should also be supplemented with a skin and coat product containing Omega 3 & Fish Oils such as EcoBalance.


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