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Dogs And Motion Sickness, Part Three | Vet Organics

What You Need To Know About Dogs And Motion Sickness, Part Three


Motion sickness is an awful way to travel. That queasy, icky feeling is something humans and animals both suffer from when their on the road, in flight, or on a boat. More dogs suffer from motion sickness than many guardians realize. For those who want to know what the symptoms of motion sickness in dogs are, or who want to know how to prevent motion sickness, read Part One in this series. For those who want to make sure they understand the essential ways every dog guardian can help ensure their pup has the best chances of avoiding motion sickness, read Part Two. Now, we’re going to go over some of the additional ways we can help our pups feel better when they’re suffering from motion sickness.

Dogs And Motion Sickness, Part Three | Vet Organics

More Ways To Cure Motion Sickness In Dogs

For some dogs, just keeping them cool and comfortable will do wonders for their motions sickness. Others need a little extra help to remedy their discomfort. Check out these suggestions from fellow dog guardians and veterinarians around the country.


Sit at the front of the vehicle. Many guardians pack their dog into the back of the car or van, like their part of the cargo. The truth is, this can be the bumpiest, highly motion-heavy part of any vehicle, big or small. Instead, let Fido ride toward the front of the car, closer to where we are. Being closer to us will often help with stress, even though it won’t cure motion sickness. Plus, being toward the front of the vehicle will reduce, of not eliminate, much of the motion that causes uneasiness in the first place.

Be sure to give Fido the opportunity to sit facing forward as well. By giving them enough room to do this, they’ll be in a better position to eliminate motion sickness. There are many tools to help, such as bolsters and hammocks to extend the size of the back seat. Being toward the front, in most vehicles, will also put Fido closer to the A/C, which means they’ll have a nice cool, restful ride. Many guardians don’t realize how warm the vented air becomes by the time it gets to the rear of the car.


Aromatherapy with pheromones. Dogs don’t need strong candles or aerosols. They’re sense of smell is already sensitive, and anything too strong will make their queasy stomach worse. However, there are scents infused with calming pheromones that are designed to soothe dogs. Add a little to their bedding, or we can plug the infuser into the car while we’re on the road.

Dogs And Motion Sickness, Part Three | Vet Organics

Calming herbs. Many aromatherapy diffusers for dogs and cats will have herbal notes. We can also get sprays that don’t necessarily have a big scent built in, but that will bring a sense of calm when inhaled or ingested. Consider natural remedies such as the Bach Flower line, also called Rescue Remedy. Look for other herbs like kava, ginger, passionflower, skullcap, and valerian.

Nausea medications. For dogs who need a prescription or the assistance of over-the-counter medication, we can look into a few choices such as Cerenia (a prescription), Dramamine (over-the-counter) and meclizine (over-the-counter). These are anti-nausea meds that work best when administered prior to hitting the road. Remember that we always need to check with our veterinarian who knows our pup and can advise us on dosages and frequency.


Prescription medications. While those meds mentioned above are good for nausea and motion, some dogs may respond better to a light sedative. This is only for the most stressed out pups and should definitely only be considered with the help of a veterinarian who knows our dog. They will help dogs relax when administered correctly. Alprazolam (Xanax) is often recommended as long as dosage and timing instructions will be carefully followed.


Dogs And Motion Sickness, Part Three | Vet OrganicsSupport their digestion. We can avoid switching foods just because we are on a trip. Dogs typically have sensitive digestive systems. Travel is already going to take a toll. Switching food or relying heavily on treats and snacks will only make things worse. If changing food is a must, consider bringing EcoEats, an all-natural dog food that’s light, easy on the wallet, and delicious for dogs. Because many commercial foods are difficult to digest, EcoEats has been designed to be more bioavailable, meaning dogs can better access the nutrients than in other foods.


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