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Ways to Live A Green Life With Your Pet


April is Earth Month, and April 22nd is Earth Day. Every year, we use this time to double check our carbon footprint and make sure we are doing our part to help the environment thrive. For pet guardians, it’s also the perfect time to check on our cat and canine companions’ carbon footprint.

Green-Pet-Vet-organics-Eco-eatsRecycle. Recycled toys are still new toys to Fancy and Fido. By choosing recycled play toys, we’ll be doing the environment a favor and still giving our fur-babies a toy box full of fun and new favorites. Local pet food stores will often have sustainable and locally produced pet toys. The local farmer’s market can also be a great source for recycled and upcycled goodies for pets. And there are a plethora of online stores with sustainable and recycled pet products, from toys to beds and blankets, to collars, leashes, and pet wardrobes.

Green Cleaning. Green cleaning supplies can keep our homes and our pets just a little more green. Pets are going to make the occasional mess. Fur-babies may not be like human babies, but when it comes to making the occasional spill or oopsie, it happens to everyone. Rather than reaching for the harsh chemicals, go for the green. There are green products specially formulated to take care of pet problems. Household cleaners, commercial carpet cleaners, even dog and cat shampoos and conditioners can be found in the green section of the supermarket or pet local supply store.

Green-Pet-Vet-organics-Eco-eatsGreen-Pet-Vet-organics-Eco-eatsSustainable, All-Natural Meals. Cooking meals for our pups can be a great way to eat local because we can choose local produce. Plus, we will know exactly what is in our puppy’s food, giving us more control over how healthful and eco-friendly each meal really is for our pup. At Vet Organics, we offer EcoEats. It’s all-natural and as close to a whole food diet as one can get without cooking the entire meal from scratch. Dogs love the taste. It’s grain-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and doesn’t contain by-products. It’s also hypoallergenic, great for all life stages, and vet-approved!

Scoop that poop! Sure, we all forget the poo bags on occasion, but poop scooping is a major environmental aid. Stinkiness and unsightliness aside, leaving dog poo behind can contaminate water sources, pollute and imbalance local ecosystems, and spread bacteria that may be harmful to other animals. We can also choose eco-friendly compostable poo bags, so we aren’t adding to the plastic blight in our waterways. We should think the same way when it comes to kitty litter. There’s  eco-friendly litter available. And we should always scoop lumps and clumps, daily. This not only keeps the litter box clean, which keeps paws and households clean, it also helps litter last longer because we don’t have to dump the entire box at the end of the week.

Green-Pet-Vet-organics-Eco-eatsSpay and neuter. Spay and neuter every single fur-baby. Eight million amazing animals with love to give are euthanized each year because of overpopulation. Feral cat colonies and homeless dogs are a problem in every city. And those who end up in no-kill shelters require resources for their care. By spaying and neutering all dogs and cats, we are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of overpopulation, while also significantly reducing the number of possible animals whose lives are ended prematurely or who may be sentenced to live the lonely life of a homeless animal. It only takes one accidental escape because a tree falls on the backyard fence while we are at work, or a chance encounter at the dog park to end up with several puppies or kittens in need of resources and a home. For those of us with spayed and neutered pets, we can always help reduce this carbon footprint on Earth Day by donating to our local shelter.

So, this Earth Day, let’s take our pups for a walk on their recycled leashes, play with recycled toys in a sunny spot with our cat companions. Let’s cook some delicious local food for the family, including the fur-babies. And let’s make some great choices that celebrate our fur-families and the planet we share with them.

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