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EcoEars Case: “Bella” (American Bulldog)

EcoEars Case: “Bella” (American Bulldog)

Case No. 2: Female, approx. 4-year-old American Bulldog


bella Bella Boo is a female American Bulldog who is almost 4 years old.  She is owned by Tammy Moya. Bella has had ear problems/infections since she was 6 months old. Bella exhibited classic symptoms of canine ear infection, including smelly, swollen, itchy ears that had discharge and black debris. The dog’s behavior was consistent with ear infections and included visible discomfort around the ears, frequent head-shaking, head-tilting, and whining and other vocalizations during the frequent occasions when her ears were actively bothering her. Bella’s owner reports that her dog has been seen by the vet on numerous visits and prescribed many treatments by the vet, including oral antibiotics, prescription ear creams, steroids, allergy pills, and a prescription ear wash. Tammy says most of these treatments were costly and only effective for a short period, usually two weeks, after which her dog’s ears would revert to a grimy appearance and infected state.

Treatment with EcoEars for Dogs

Ms. Moya discovered EcoEars on Facebook and reports that she achieved positive results during the first series of applications. She believes her dog’s ears were better as soon as the day immediately following the first use. Ms. Moya has been using EcoEars for her dog regularly since, applying it every other day on the external areas of her dog’s ears and ear flaps, and also once a week as a preventative cleaning solution within the ear.

Continued Results and Positive Prognosis

bella before and afer Moya reports that her dog has not had any infections for the past 8 months (since initial use through date of this study) and she has not had to use any other treatment or medication on her dog. Ms. Moya adds that she is relieved to know that she need not anticipate her pet’s incurring long-term side effects from repeated antibiotic and steroid use. She says her dog enjoys treatment more and more with passing time and shares,

“I really love your product and I am a customer for life.”

Tammy Moya

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