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EcoEars Case: "Booger" (Lab/Bulldog Mix)

EcoEars Case: "Booger" (Lab/Bulldog Mix)

Case No. 1:Female, 3-year-old Lab/American Bulldog Mix


lisa kay's booger adjusted Booger is a 3-year-old, female dog that is a hybrid between Labrador retriever and American Bulldog breeds. Her owner, Lisa M. Kay, has had the dog since it was a puppy and reported that her dog has ear problems that were reoccurring and chronic. The dog exhibited behaviors of constant scratching at her ears, shaking and tilting her head, and according to the owner, signs of depression. In addition, the owner noted the following symptoms: dirty, smelly, and swollen ears. The dog’s owner has tried both conventional and alternative solutions to her dog’s ear issues. She has taken the dog repeatedly to the vet, who diagnosed both yeast infections and ear mites. The veterinarian consulted has treated with dog with prescription steroids, cortisone cream, ear drops, steroid injections, and antibiotics, but the infection has returned. With her veterinarian’s guidance, she also has tried a wide variety of over-the-counter medications (including Benadryl®, Claritin®, Zyrtec®), and natural remedies, including probiotics, dietary changes, anti-itch creams, and commercial dog ear wipes. Ms. Kay reports that she has also tried vinegar and several other natural home remedies that she found on the internet, to no avail.

lisa A close up of Booger's ear, showing the active infection prior to being treated with EcoEars. A close up of Booger's ear, showing the active infection prior to being treated with EcoEars.

Treatment with EcoEars for Dogs

Ms. Kay ordered EcoEars for Dogs while her dog had an active, serious infection. Kay reports that “within 3 days, I was blown away at the improvement.” The owner shared that she cleaned her dog’s ear with EcoEars three times each day for the first three days of treatment. She reports that one week after beginning treatment her dog “had normal ears.”

Continued Results and Positive Prognosis

Lisa Kay's healthy and happy-eared Booger in the peak of health. Since being treated with EcoEars for the first time in November of 2015, the dog in question has had no return of ear infections. Ms. Kay now cleans her dog’s ears once a week to prevent the return of infections. In addition, the owner reports that she has found that even her dog’s temperament has changed. The dog seems happier and more playful. The owner reports that initially the dog was difficult to treat with EcoEars as she had sensitive ears and learned to fear having her ears handled. Now her dog is actually looking forward to ear cleanings with EcoEars by her owner and wags her tail after treatment.Lisa Kay's healthy and happy-eared Booger in the peak of health. Another positive effective of using EcoEars reported by the owner is that previously her dog was prone to generalized yeast infections and bad allergies. Her dog would chew her feet and scratch herself. Ms. Kay reports that since using Eco Ears on a regular basis, her dog is no longer chewing her feet. Ms. Kay tells us that it's extremely important to her that the product is all natural and is impressed at not only how effective EcoEars is but how affordable the product is as well. She added, “I use nothing but EcoEars for all my dogs now on a regular basis for ear cleaning. EcoEars is keeping my 5 dogs happy and healthy.’
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