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Fun Cat Trivia

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Cats are amazing fur babies. They are fun, hilarious, and mysterious. Our feline friends can be the source of fascinating facts for cat novices and super specs that will surprise even the most experienced cat family pros. Quizzes are great for game nights and road trips. Check out this cat trivia, test your kitty prowess, and send us your favorite fun facts.

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Fun Cat Trivia Exclusively From Vet Organics

Cat Anatomy Trivia

  • That ridge pattern on our kitty’s nose is unique. Just like a human fingerprint, there is no other cat with the ridge pattern.
  • Cats don’t have sweet receptors, which means they can’t taste anything sweet.
  • Paw dominance can be a gender indicator. Male cats tend to be left-paw dominant. Female cats tend to be right-paw dominant.
  • Even though the iconic image of a kitten drinking from a saucer of milk is nearly globally accepted, cats are actually lactose intolerant.
  • Cats can only sweat through their paws. If a cat is overheating, dip their paws in cool water to help them get their body temperature back to normal.
  • The ears of a cat each contain 32 muscles and can rotate their ears 180 degrees to help them pinpoint sound.
  • Cats spend about 70% of their lives sleeping. That means a nine-year-old cat has only been awake for about three years of its life.
  • Cats love to leap. They can jump six times their own length.
Fun Cat Trivia Exclusively From Vet Organics

Cat Jobs And Famous Cats

  • In October of 1963, the French launched Felicette into space. She was the first cat in space and survived the 15-minute trip.
  • Abraham Lincoln had four pet cats in the White House. They were the first cats to live in the White House.
  • Felix the Cat was the first cartoon cat, making his appearance in 1919. Later, in 1940, the first theatrical cartoon, “Puss Gets the Boot” was introduced with Tom and Jerry.
  • In the 1870s, Belgium tested a pilot program where cats were responsible for delivering the mail in the urban countryside. While all the cats safely made it home, the program was not continued.
  • In Islam, cats are considered a symbol of faith. Muhammad loved cats and was particularly fond of his tabby, Muezza, who Muhammad was said to rest his head upon.
  • Little Nicky was the first commercially cloned cat who was purchased for 50,000 dollars, making him one of the most expensive cat on record.
  • A mouser is a cat who is responsible for clearing mice from a residence or building. While there have been many mousers throughout history, the first and most famous mouser of the London prime minister’s residence was named Humphrey. He served under several premierships, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair until he was retired to a family in South London at 17-years-old.
  • Lemon is an official member of the Kyoto police department. He wears a uniform, goes on calls, and helps to put witnesses at ease.
Fun Cat Trivia Exclusively From Vet Organics

Cat Dictionary Trivia

  • A group of cats is called a “clowder.”
  • Bezoar is the dictionary name for a hairball.
  • A cat lover is called an “ailurophile.” Its origins are Greek. Ailouros means cat, and -phile means lover.
  • The word “tabby” originates in Attabiyah, a neighborhood in Baghdad, Iraq. The name was given because of the striped and wavy pattern of their coats that resembles the famous patterns in the silk original to the city.
  • While a group of kittens from the same mother are called a “litter,” a group of kittens can also be called a “kindle.”

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