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Growth in the Pet Sector Means More Jobs for Pet Lovers

Growth in the Pet Sector Means More Jobs for Pet Lovers

It’s no surprise that adopting a pet can help you live a longer and happier life, but many pet parents are stuck working long hours, which leaves very little room for important pet care tasks. There’s been a significant rise in the pet sector market thanks to all these busy pet parents. Now those who enjoy working with animals have an even greater chance of making a decent living caring for them. We’re going to talk about the top jobs in the pet industry and we’ll even offer a few tips for earning a decent living in space below.
Get some tips on becoming a dog groomer here.

Get some tips on becoming a dog groomer here.

Some Breeds Can’t Live Without Grooming

For many pet parents, at-home grooming is just not an option. It’s both tedious and time-consuming. So whether parents are short on time or they lack the skills to keep Fido calm during his haircut, grooming is one pet service that will always be in demand. After all, breeds like poodles and corgis can’t go too long without getting their hair trimmed. Otherwise, they’re likely to face matting and knotting which has an unhealthy domino effect that only gets worse. This makes being a groomer a great choice for people looking to work with pets.

Pet Stylists are Needed Too

In addition to groomers, more pet parents are turning to pet stylists for tasks as varied as getting their dog competition-ready to just having the best haircut on the block. Pet owners in these categories aren’t afraid to spend a little extra to get their beloved companion in tip-top shape. This a smart choice for a small business in an affluent neighborhood. Busy work schedules also keep these next two jobs on our list in high demand.

An Increase in Demand for Pet Sitters

Pet sitters are perfect for those times when pet parents need to run out of town. But they can also be helpful for working parents who may be stuck logging in a full 14-hour day at the office, which is why this particular job is on the rise. If you’re a pet sitter, you have the option of keeping a dog or cat at your house, or staying overnight at the pet’s place for even more comfort on their part. Many pet sitting services charge a premium for staying at the pet’s house, which is something most pet parents prefer to pay for since it keeps their companion happy and comfortable. This means you may be able to earn a little more if you’re willing to stay at your pet’s home.
Dog walking, pet jobs

Dog walking is always needed, especially in urban areas.

Dog Walking is Just as Important

In the same way that working parents need pet sitters, they also need dog walkers to break up their long days. Working pet parents understand that they still have a responsibility to their pet. Responsible parents are willing to hire a dog walker for those times when they can’t sneak away from the office in time to walk their companion. This makes dog walking the perfect job for city dwellers or suburb commuters who are stuck in the city all day.

3 Tips for Earning a Decent Living in the Pet Sector

jobs for pet lovers

Try scaling your services once you build a following and experience.

To make a decent living in the pet sector industry, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:
  • You’re running a business so you should treat it like one.
  • Having an informative blog helps to build trust.
  • A website and social media following can help you grow your business immensely.
If you’re considering a job in the pet sector, try working part-time first to see if this route is one you’ll enjoy. You may find that it’s more rewarding (and lucrative) than your day job.
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