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How to Give Your Dog a Pill. Tricks and Tips From the Pros

How to Give Your Dog a Pill. Tricks and Tips From the Pros

For many pet parents, giving a pill to their fur babies can be a heck of a battle. With dogs the situation is not that different. Learning on how to give your dog a pill can be a time saver when you just don't have the energy to convince your pet to swallow.

Sometimes, even the friendliest of the dogs can put up a fight when it’s “pill time.”

Exceptions do exist – some dogs are very dutiful, and they eat their pills like good kids. However, obedient dogs also need a little encouragement or pat on the back to swallow those bitter medicines.

Dogs are no less than babies who love their parents; you have to treat them just like you would treat your toddler while giving them their medicines. After all, a vet prescribes pills for the benefit of your canine companion. In this post, we will talk about how to give your dog a pill. We will also share some smart tips to trick your dog into taking the pills.

How to give your dog a pill - Important Considerations

Before we explore the many ways to lure your fur baby into taking pills, there are certain factors to consider.

  • Do not ever give medicines to your pet without consulting your vet.
  • Ask the doctor which form of medicine is suitable for your furry friend –medicine formulas come in pills, liquid, and chewable treats.
  • Whatever form of medicine you choose, ensure the end result is positive.
  • The type of medicine you give to your canine companion will determine the method of administering the pill.
  • Your fur baby may panic when taking the pills, but with practice, you can make the experience less troublesome.

Tricks to Give Medicines to Your Canine Companion

If your pet is naughty and gives you a hard time when taking medicines, here are some ways to trick your dog into taking those pills.

  • Hide the pill in Their Meal

It is perhaps the easiest way of tricking your dog into taking bitter medicines. All you have to do is hide the pill in your dog’s meal. Dogs are intelligent beings; they can cleverly spot a pill layered in kibble. Make sure you hide it in such a way that your pet does not figure it out easily.

One smart way is to mix the pill in your dog’s canned food. Mixing the pill in chunks of canned food will help to mask the taste. However, if your pup is clever, he may feel the “unusual” texture or taste of the pill, leaving it behind.

  • Surprise your Dog with a Treat

We cannot really predict how a dog will react to different types of food. But, there is one thing your four-leggy is unlikely to refuse, i.e., a treat. Use this attraction to sneak a pill inside your canine companion.

Make sure you seal the pill inside the treat so smartly that your fur baby doesn’t spot it when enjoying the treat. You can hide the pills in peanut butter balls, marshmallows, or any of his favorite treats.

  • Mask the Medicine with Pill Pockets

If your dog is smart enough to spot pills in the everyday treat, you may try putting the medicine in pill pockets. These special treats help to mask the taste and smell of the medicine, thereby making the experience of taking pills a positive one.

The method works so well with dogs, both big and small, that they gobble up treats without chewing.  Dogs that chew the treats may bite into the bitter medicine and taste it, making it difficult for you to trick them. A pill wrapped in cheese easily slips into your dog’s system.

In case your four-legged friend has had allergies to some food in the past, it is important to consult your vet before adopting this method. Your dog may have issues with the ingredients in the pill pocket. It does not go without saying that your fur baby’s safety should be your preference and not your convenience.

  • Schedule the Pill with the daily walk

You cannot trick your fur baby all the time into taking pills hidden in food. You have to find smart ways to lure him into taking the pill. An ideal time for giving medicines to your dog is the walk time.

When you take your canine companion for a walk, he pays attention to different smells, sights, and sounds he comes across on the way.

While the fur pet is distracted, make the most of this time, and give him the medicine. For this purpose, you may have to carry some treats with you. As long as your dog takes the pill, we don’t think carrying an extra bag will bother you.

Other Workable Techniques for giving your dog a pill

When all of your attempts in tricking your dog fail and your dog smartly leaves the pill behind, then you may have to use other techniques.

  • Pill Pusher

Pill pushers work well for small dogs that give you a hard time taking oral medicines. The instrument helps to directly push the tablet to the back of your dog’s throat without losing your fingers.

You can easily get a pill pusher from the vet. Make sure to learn and practice the technique for making the experience comfortable for your furry companion as well as yourself.

  • Try the Vets’ technique

how to give your dog a pill

Vets know the trick to calming dogs and giving them pills. You can also learn this trick and carefully administer the medicine to your dog’s system. The first step is to restrain your pet; you may do it yourself or get assistance.

If you have a small dog, put one hand on his head and hold him firmly. Make sure the grip is not too tight. Your thumb tips and middle finger should touch the corners of your dog’s mouth. For large breeds, put your hands on the nose holding the upper jaw.

Now, tilt your champ’s nose towards the sky (facing the ceiling). In this position, the lower jaw of your dog will slightly open. You may slide your fingers behind the canines to keep their mouth open and put the pill quickly.

Alternatively, you can use the other hand, placing a finger into the teeth and pulling the lower jaw down. Roll your hand into your doggie’s mouth, pushing the pills as far as you can. Squirt some water into the corner of your dog’s mouth so that he can gulp the pills.  In case of an emergency, contact your vet immediately.

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