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Lessons for Fighting Cancer in Dogs | Vet Organics

Lessons for Fighting Cancer in Dogs


Just like any beloved family member, we count our dogs among our favorite hellos and most painful goodbyes. Even when they lived long and full lives, it always feels like they're gone too soon when they finally cross the rainbow bridge. Losing our best pal to cancer makes the pain a million times worse. Here are valuable lessons we should consider taking to heart if we ever go through, or are going through, the difficult fight against cancer in our dogs. 

Cancer is NOT a death sentence. We can and should give every dog a fighting chance. 

Let us get the obvious out of the way: fighting cancer is a long, difficult, and expensive process. Does this mean that we should give up and let it win? No. Our dog's loyalty, unconditional love, and complete trust are just a few of the many reasons to accept our responsibility to take care of him to the best of our ability. So we have to be strong for Fido and to do everything we can to give him a fighting chance. Now more than ever, he needs us to stay by his side. Fight with him and for him.  

We can and should explore animal-friendly, alternative cancer therapies. Always get a second opinion.

The bigger our dog, the more expensive his cancer treatment becomes. Numerous diagnostic procedures and conventional treatments that include drugs, surgeries, and chemotherapy, plus more follow-up tests - all of these could set us back several thousand dollars. And these treatments could take months. While our financial condition does matter when making end-of-life decisions, if we decide to move forward with treatment, we should commit to the fight as long as our pup's quality of life meets our livable standards. 

Lessons for Fighting Cancer in Dogs | Vet Organics

If we can afford it, then that's well and good. But whether or not we can, we should also explore alternative therapies for cancer. Let us not forget that modern medicine is primarily based on ancient concepts and remedies that are rooted in nature. In fact, many of today's scientists are rediscovering the great potential that traditional medicine from different cultures all over the world still offer. 

  • There are homeopathic veterinarians we can consult. One of the more promising alternative cancer treatments we may want to look into is neoplastene - an alternative form of chemotherapy that uses bloodroot plant alkaloids. Unlike conventional chemotherapy, which destroys both cancer and healthy cells, neoplastene only targets cancer cells. Alternative cancer remedies are also generally more affordable and often cause less pain to the patient.
  • There are a variety of cancer-fighting foods we can add to Fido's diet. Whether or not our dog's vet recommends avoiding certain foods and eating more of others, there is no question that giving our brave cancer warrior healthier food options will be beneficial for his health. Likewise, we should eliminate unhealthy foods such as fast food, deep-fried and oily food, sugar-laden food, and chemically-preserved food. EcoEats is one such option. 
  • Supplements derived from all-natural ingredients which are known to support the immune system offer some benefits to our dog's health. Fido's weakened immune system need all the help they can get As long as the supplements we give him are safe for dog consumption, we should include these in our anticancer arsenal. EcoImmune is the perfect example of a high-quality, all-natural dog supplement. 

Our ill dogs need us to be unashamed and unfaltering overprotective parents.

With their immune system extremely compromised, being overprotective parents to our beloved dogs is a must. It's advisable to make sure their environment is free of substances that are harmful to their health. We need to give them a stress-free life and ensure a toxin- and allergen-free environment. That means our cleaning products, Fido's bed materials, and his food should be all-natural, and as toxin-free as possible.

Lessons for Fighting Cancer in Dogs | Vet Organics

Below is a rundown of items that we should avoid exposing our furkids to:

  • Pet grooming products that contain parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.
  • Topical products that contain harsh chemicals.
  • Pet products, such as toys, bedding, cones, and other paraphernalia that use carcinogenic or toxic materials.
  • Cigarette smoke and car exhaust. 
  • Harsh household chemicals. 

Being ill is stressful. There are simple things we can do to give our best buds some relief:

  • Relaxing music. 
  • Clean and comfortable bed. 
  • Pet-friendly chew toys and stuffed toys.
  • A quiet and relaxed environment. 
  • A lot of TLC. 

Fighting cancer with and for our dogs is going to be a long, exhausting, and painful experience. But we have to stay strong for them, and we have to stay positive that we can help them beat the Big C. 


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