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Maverick Cain Proves Love is Mightier than Mange

Maverick Cain Proves Love is Mightier than Mange

If you ever have any doubt about the power of love to heal, read on... You may be here because you've already seen some of these hard-to-look-at snaps of our furry friend Maverick Cain around the net. If so, you'll be delighted with the next chapter in his saga. In any event, here's a feel-good story about a rescue with a happily ever after. When Vet Organics learned of Maverick's acute case of manage on Barkpost, we offered to send some of our EcoMange to help him along.  After a few weeks, we got an update from Maverick's foster parents, Jessica and William DeForge, with the following pictures:

maverick William and Jessica didn't start out as a dog-devoted couple with 7 (!) dogs of their own. Jessica explained they got their first dog many years back. At the time, Jessica was going to school 13 hours a day and William was working as a commercial diver, which had him "always away" from home. So Moosey, their Neapolitan Mastiff, got them well acquainted with doggy daycare and what a boon it could be to busy dog parents. When Jessica finished school, she and William wanted to spend more time together, and they figured they could do so with a business of their own. They knew there was a need in their community for quality dog daycare. So the couple pooled their savings and their energies to start Dogtown Texas, nestled in Conroe, Texas (pop  63,032). Just a week after opening, the pair came across two abandoned pitbulls. Thankfully this generous couple turned a blind eye to the challenges of the extra mouths to feed (and paws to wipe) while working on their start up. Jessica and William have been helping with local rescues for a while. When the Montgomery Animal Control Shelter director put out a plea for a very desperate case, the DeForges didn't hesitate.  This same plea caught the attention of Arin Greenwood.  Arin, a consultant at BarkBox (as well as formerly the animal welfare editor for The Huffington Post), got in touch with the DeForges and since then Maverick Cain has been the darling of many people who've discovered him. Jessica loaned some time from her busy day managing the business, barking dogs,  and more to answered some questions others might have.

Q:  A post on 3milliondogs.com said Maverick's case of mange, "although critical, is not contagious to humans or other animals." Many might wonder why that was? And didn’t you still worry your other dogs might get infected?

Jessica and William had done their research. There are TWO types of mange, and the type Maverick had, demodex mange, is not contagious. (The contagious type of mange --Sarcoptic mange--is caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite.)

Q: The same article reported you guys would provide all the care he needed. How did you know what to do? And what did you do?

maverick after

One of Maverick's "After" shots shows he indeed became the beautiful boy on the outside that reflected he sweet personality. Jessica explained their research on mange helped, but basically they did whatever made him feel most comfortable. This included bathing him, wrapping him in towels, administering soothing baths, and even providing him with his own clothes to protect his skin. About 14 days after they started caring for Maverick, or "Mavvy" as they affectionately call him now, they started treating him with EcoMange. Although he had started with baths and other meds prior to getting EcoMange, Jessica says when they started using it, his hair really started growing back, and his itchy skin, scratching, and bumps went away. She shared that they are still spraying on EcoMange because it’s "helping his hair just sprout."
Q: What strikes me is his worry lines are gone! Can you do that for people, LOL?

5d9118_88eff3e387d34ef497432d2c462ff150 She laughed. Jessica shared when Maverick was first "pulled" from the shelter, everyone was thinking he was a Shar Pei, due to all his wrinkles. What's truly amazing is to see how beautifully filled out he is now. Jessica and William DeForge are committed to helping dogs

Q: How can people help Maverick if they want to get involved?
We are hopeful that Maverick may have a forever home lined up. He recently got neutered and is getting some additional training and socialization with the help of Dogtown staff.
The DeForge's pack of 7 pups includes 5 rescues. Here are Ciro, Moosey, Roo, Duke, Tigger James, Stephy, and Thor.

The DeForge's pack of 7 pups includes 5 rescues. Here are Ciro, Moosey, Roo, Duke, Tigger James, Stephy, and Thor.


Nomi Sunrider, the newest pup to get a chance at fending off mange.

IMG_3277 Nomi and William DeForge Jessica and William are intent on helping more dogs, especially those with mange like Maverick. Since Maverick's so well along, they have already "pulled" another dog from the shelter to start their TLC turnaround. They are working with a young pup William's named Nomi Sunrider (after a Star Wars character). Nomi had worms, including hookworms, as well as an even more advanced case of mange, but is already on her way to better health through care by the DeForges, along with the support of the Texas Animal Society, which also contributed to Maverick's turn around. We will give an update on her progress soon! Learn more about Dogtown Texas' own rescue and rehab program, A Chance to Bloom here.
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