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Meet Katris: the Ultimate Scratching Post

Meet Katris: the Ultimate Scratching Post

If you’re like most cat parents, you’re always looking for scratching posts that keep your kitty occupied and away from your furniture. But the options on the market don’t offer up much imagination or excitement, do they? Not to mention that they’re a far cry from the clean, beautiful furniture you find in modern decor magazines. So if you’re looking for sophisticated, durable cat furniture, you need to meet Katris.

What’s Katris?

Remember that addictive arcade game Tetris? You know, the one that makes you stack and fit together different shapes of blocks like a vertical puzzle? Well, Papercut Lab’s fun with Tetris led them to design Katris: part cat scratcher, part cat tree, part modern furniture. They chose to mimic the same interlocking shapes found in Tetris to build the ultimate modular cat furniture meant for creative stacking. The concept is simple: build a strong base by mixing and matching different shapes and then stack vertically or horizontally for infinite possibilities. Build vertically if your cat’s fond of climbing to look out windows or build a single story maze if your cat likes to weave in and out of nooks and crannies for a warm cuddle spot in the sun. You can purchase each shape individually or buy a bundle of five which includes one of each shape. You could even split some of the shapes up and use them for different purposes in every room of your house so your cat has somewhere fun anywhere you are. The best part is that Katris is totally customizable and re-arrangeable, which means when your kitty looks a little bored, you can design a completely new cat scratcher and climber without having to buy another cat post. As a bonus, every Katris order comes with 100% organic catnip for your little furry buddy. Sprinkle some throughout your Katris creation as a treat to encourage exploration of your design. Katris building elements
Katris building elements What’s Katris Made Of? Each piece is handcrafted using 100% recyclable materials, including over 200 sheets of 90% post consumer recycled paper. Additionally, all of the glue used to hold the cardboard sheets together is non-toxic. Papercut Lab doesn’t even use ink to keep it all original and organic. Katris’ top grade corrugated material makes it strong, but you’ll also receive clips to secure all of the pieces together to ensure stability when your kitty starts climbing.
Is Katris Worth It? While the price tag seems like a shock (around $50 per shape, $235.95 for the bundle), you’re really saving money in the long run. You’re not just buying one scratching post, you’re buying infinite scratching posts. Plus, you can use some of the shapes to build out bookcases or shelves for you to use. We can guarantee you’ve never used your kitty’s furniture to show off your books or knick-knack collection, right? Your cat will enjoy hours of fun and you’ll have the luxury of working something cool and eye-catching into your home decor instead of another carpeted scratching post eyesore.For some really beautiful and creative ideas of how to take off and use Katris for beauty, function and cat fun, wander over to Hauspanther, the online magazine for design-conscious cat people, with Kate Benjamin, Cat Style Expert.
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