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Safe Plants That Are Non-Toxic To Dogs


We know to stay away from stinging nettle and poison oak, but there are many plants we might not think twice about that are toxic to dogs. This can make it tough to do landscaping, walk through parks, and go for hikes. We’ve published articles and a book about toxic plants for dogs to help gardeners and landscapers. They are included below. However, those of us who want to buy a new houseplant or get a hostess gift for a friend understand it’s easier to reference a yes-list than a no-list. This is the latest go-to reference for common, fun, plants that are non-toxic to dogs and great when choosing a gift for a friend with a pet.


Nontoxic-Houseplants-Vet-OrganicsThere are many varieties of basil. Some of them are decorative. Some of them are colorful. Purple basil can be a crowd pleaser for those looking for a decorative edible plant for the house. Add some lemon basil to your pesto. Or add Genovese basil to your next turkey sandwich, instead of lettuce. Regardless of how it’s used, this plant just needs regular water and a place in the sun.

*Also non-toxic to cats


Nontoxic-Houseplants-Vet-OrganicsBamboo is not only a hardy plant considered one of the most sustainable resources our planet has, but it’s also a great houseplant or landscaping tool that is non-toxic to dogs. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, and it has the added benefit of being one of those houseplants that cleans and detoxifies the air.

*Also non-toxic to cats

Blue Echeveria

Nontoxic-Houseplants-Vet-OrganicsSucculents and cacti are a fun and popular plant to keep in the home, plant in the garden, even decorate walls. The problem is most of these plants are toxic to cats and dogs. Blue Echeveria, however, is non-toxic to dogs and makes a beautiful addition to a windowsill, centerpiece, or desk. Additional names this one may go by in stores include, maroon chenille plant, painted lady, copper rose, wax rosette, and plush plant.

*Also non-toxic to cats

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Nontoxic-Houseplants-Vet-OrganicsThese are one of the most common hostess gifts because they are beautiful, elegant, and come with simple care instructions. Luckily they are also non-toxic for dogs. They are beautiful indoor plants. The blooms can be used to garnish plates and tropical drinks. And they can be left on the patio in many climates.

*Also non-toxic to cats.


Nontoxic-Houseplants-Vet-OrganicsSage can be grown in the garden or the home and can be found in many varieties that taste and smell amazing. It is non-toxic for dogs, but also has the added benefit of repelling many pests and can clean the air, whether you burn it or not. Looking for something a little more fun and exotic? Try Pineapple Sage. It smells and tastes great and can be a fun addition to a salad, Sangria, or more savory dishes.

*Also non-toxic to cats


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For more about toxic and non-toxic plants, ASPCA can be a great reference.

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