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Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies


Whether you want to soak up the holiday spirit or savor the cuddly winter weather, snuggle time with the entire family, including the cat- and canine-companions, of course, is one of the best ways we can think of to spend time. Watching a pet-friendly movie together can make it even better! From heart-warming and tear-jerking flicks, to light-hearted and waggish films, here’s a list of ‘pawsome’ movies that co-star our four-legged friends!

snow buddies pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organicsSnow Buddies (2008) - 6 Paws

An ice cream chase. An airplane ride. And an Alaskan dog race! Sounds like a doggone adventure, right? Five goldie pups will take you and Fido on a snowy and exciting adventure that will surely make both of you want to go outside and have some snowy mischief of your own!



lady and the tramp pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

Lady and the Tramp (1955) - 8 Paws

You can’t go wrong with an animated classic like this one. Lady meets Tramp. Tramp shows Lady the real world. Lady and Tramp fall in love. It’s a romantic tale as old as time - but with a tail-wagging, four-footed twist. Perhaps this movie will also encourage you to visit the dogs at your local shelter to volunteer or, dare we say, rescue?



Zero Nightmare before christmas the grinch pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - 8 Paws

The dearly departed pup, Zero in this family-friendly but dark Christmas story, gives a whole new meaning to “undying devotion.” Jack Skellington’s devoted dog may only be a supporting character, but he definitely steals the spotlight with his adorable antics and admirable dedication to the Halloween King. Zero will make you appreciate the smallest expressions of love your fido shows every chance he gets.


the grinch pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

The Grinch (2018) - 7 Paws

Another flick with the canine character as a trusty sidekick. Max the dog, the Grinch’s loyal and constant companion, perfectly demonstrates our furry buddies’ unquestioning affection and faithfulness to their guardians, no matter what! Perhaps you should give your dog a special belly rub after watching the movie together.



the adventures of milo and Otis pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986) - 7 Paws

Fighting like cats and dogs, Milo and Otis are definitely not. The not-so-unlikely and heartwarming friendship between Milo the cat and Otis the dog will teach you that genuine kinship can overcome all odds. This movie is perfect if you have both a cat and a dog! Plus, kiddos will learn a thing or two about friendship across differences.



cats and dogs pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

Cats and Dogs (2001) - 5 Paws

This movie sort of casts cats in a bad light - and they already have a bad rep for being cold, distant snobs. Nevertheless, this is a fun-filled film for both cat and dog lovers - as long as you don’t take it too seriously! It details the incredible top-secret, high-tech espionage of cats and dogs as they wage war on each other, right under our noses.



homeward bound the incredible adventure pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

Homeward Bound (1993) - 7 Paws

This classic flick will make it harder for you to leave your pets at home every day when you have to go to work. Best to give it a go when you are playing hooky or taking a snow day. This tells the adventure-comedy tail of an incredible journey two dogs and a cat bravely take, together, to reunite with their humans.


the Aristocats pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

The Aristocats (1970) - 7 Paws

Owning more than three cats does not a crazy cat lady make! Leaving everything you have to them once you pass on - well, maybe that is a bit cray-cray. If your spirit animal is a cat, or you’re a witch and (of course) have a cat familiar, then you’ll love this movie about cats living the aristocratic life, until their world gets turned upside down. Do you have more room for another stray cat?


pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

The Secret Life of Pets (2016) - 7 Paws

If you’re all-too familiar with pet rivalry, this flick will still not bring your quarreling furkids any closer. But, perhaps, the laughs from this movie will make you feel less stressed and maybe ponder the all-too-important question of whether or not you do play favorites with your pets. This is the story of Max, a terrier, who has lived as an only child until now. When his guardian, Duke, brings home a stray, Max has to cope with sharing space, and his human, with another pup.


bolt pawsome pet-friendly movies vet organics

Bolt (2008) - 8 Paws

A modern furry tail between a celebrity dog and a stray cat, both of whom get into all kinds of trouble - which is exactly what often happens when you put a canine and a feline together. Kick back and relax with your pet, and then have some frisky playtime with your lovable fur-duo.



Why not make a tradition out of family movie time with family-friendly movies featuring fur-babies. Watching movies with our pups and kitties can be just as fun as indulging in a Netflix marathon. We might even try a little grooming if being productive during movie time makes sense. Either way, the simple joy of calm, attentive pet time can be invaluable, even therapeutic, and definitely ‘pawsome’ for everyone involved.

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