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pet appreciation week

Paws Up For Pet Appreciation Week


Dogs and cats play a special role in our lives. They are family mascots, comforting companions, deep wells of unconditional love, playful purr-babies, and endless sources of entertainment. Even though they say “every dog has his day,” we think every pet, whether a cat- or canine-companion, should have more than one day. This week is pet appreciation week, and we’re sharing some fun and fabulous ways to show those fur-babies the love they deserve and thank them for enriching our lives. Here are just a few ways we can pamper pups and kitties. Whatever special moment you choose to have, they’ll know something is a little different, a little better, and definitely all about them.

pet appreciation weekWe can take our fur-babies on a day of urban social excursions. While we have to be careful to bring enough water and watch where we are stepping, finding abandoned buildings to explore can be fascinating and fun! We can head to a local pet supply store with our dogs so they can pick out a new toy, or a new treat. Harness trained cats can come too. More and more cities have dog-friendly pubs. We can spend an evening with brewskies, frisbees, and our canine companions.

We can share a home-cooked meal. Our fur-babies love to watch us eat. They’re always hoping for a scrap or some leftovers. Create a special, fur-baby-safe, veterinarian-approved home-cooked meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. We might bake some plain chicken, puree some veggies, and add some low-sodium stock. Or, for those cooking for their dogs, try EcoEats, an all-natural, grain-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, bi-product-free dog food that’s vet-approved and perfect for all life stages. Whatever option we choose, we can eat together on the floor or in the park as a fun fur-family picnic.

pet appreciation weekWe can make our dogs and cats some gifts from scratch. If we want a simple project that anyone can do, we can rip up an old t-shirt and braid the pieces together. Tie a knot at the end and we’ve got a tug-of-war toy for our pups. If we braid a little catnip in there, we’ve got a new toy for our kitties to explore. Or tie an old shoelace to a pencil for a chase toy. Buying our cat and canine companions new toys, but there’s something extra satisfying and fun in creating something special.

We can stock the pet pantry. This option may not be something our fur-babies notice, but it’s an act of love to have a fully-stocked pet pantry. EcoEars for dogs and EcoEars for cats are fast-acting solutions for painful ear infections. EcoAllergy is an anti-allergy supplement for dogs and cats that’s been formulated with safe, effective, natural ingredients to boost our fur-babies immune system and quickly clear itching, sneezing, coughing, and other allergy symptoms. EcoBug is a powerful, natural, non-toxic insect repellent that protects against the bug trifecta, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. All three carry dangerous blood-borne pathogens that can be transferred from the insect to both, people and pets. By adding these staples to the pet pantry, we are keeping ourselves and our fur-family protected from some of the most common and most uncomfortable pet conditions.

pet appreciation weekPet appreciation week should be every week, but creating a special time each year is an opportunity to purposefully set aside time to do something special for our Fidos and Garfield's. It doesn’t have to be a big involved project. Just make a plan and spend a little extra time to do something special. Happy Pet Appreciation Week!

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