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Pet Hair Care to Benefit Both You and Your Dog

Pet Hair Care to Benefit Both You and Your Dog

One of the best parts about having a pet is that you have a cuddle buddy. Whether it is a cat or a dog, you can hold them and even share a hug; you can sit with them on the couch on a lazy Saturday morning or sleep with them. But all of this lovy dovy stuff is possible only if they don't have any hair problem. Yes, those cute, little, and fluffy creatures might be leaving their hair and fur all around the house. It is not just you suffering because you can't play with them.  They need the contact with you too, so resolving the matter as soon as possible benefits you both. Furthermore, prevention could spare you a lot of trouble as well. Hygiene is the solution to this problem and if you happen to be experiencing hair-related issues, don't jump to any conclusions; it's not the end of the world. It's a solvable problem, and this article will be telling how.

"The poor loyal creature just wants to spend time with their beloved owner :)"

"I am a cute, little, and fluffy creature"


If we conducted a survey among pet owners and asked them what is their least favorite thing about their loyal companions, at least 90% of them would say bathing. The majority of dogs and cats do not like the weird transparent liquid. Yet you have to do every once in awhile. Now, if you think that in order to keep your pet safe, you need to bath them every single day then be relieved because you don't. It is the case of quality and not quantity. Instead of frequency, concentrate on the type of shampoo and conditioner that you use. Use high-quality shampoos formulated especially for dogs. Along with a good conditioner, this will maintain the good state of the coat and soften the hair.

"Told you that you don’t have to bathe me that frequently."


The hardest stage is behind you, the rest of the steps including brushing are less of a pain in the neck. It is recommended to brush your pet around 2-3 times a week. This by far is not a dogma, taking into account the breed, size, age and the habits of your pet, you can, or more accurately, you should adjust the brushing schedule. For some dogs and cats brushing might be unpleasant. Luckily, there are massaging brushed that make the experience much more enjoyable. Go ahead and purchase them, it's investment in your pet's and your happiness.

"Are we getting that massaging brush too?"


Yes, this solution seems to be contradicting the other ones. You can't spend quality time with your beloved four-legged friend because their hair is all over the place. Well, you can actually combine the fun with useful. Pet your cat or dog and in the meantime remove any loose hair. So, basically, you're getting rid of the hair that was supposed be all over your house. This method might not be so practical and a long-term solution but it's another way of being with your pet and helping him.  

"Grooming gloves! Wow!"

Tools to Keep Your House Clean

Hair related issues disturb you because the house seems dirty. Even if you do the procedures correctly, you might still encounter pet hair in all the angles of your home. This problem has a solution too, and it might take some flexibility and willingness to adjust some decor to your pet. There are special blankets, and carpets that are made for this purposes. Due to them, you can hide pet hair until next cleaning. Naturally, hiding is not the world's best idea, but not everyone can do even a quick cleaning round. So, keep this option in the back of your mind. "And now learn how to keep our place clean!" Speaking of speed cleaning, did you know that using a soot sponge will significantly simplify your task? Well, it most certainly will. The chemical compound of soot sponges allows them to suck hair, dust, and dirt with ease. For speed cleaning, you can also use the sticky roller sheets. They are real saviors when it comes to quickly removing pet hair from dark surfaces like fabric, leather or suede. If you have time, vacuuming will come to your rescue and sp hair at least for a some period. Pet hair care can be a little time-consuming but the reward is definitely worth it. Follow these guidelines and you and your buddy will be just fine.
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