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Pro Tips On How To Take Insta-worthy Pet Photos, Part 3 | Vet Organics

Pro Tips On How To Take Insta-worthy Pet Photos, Part 3


We are always on the lookout for fresh, adorable pics of our fur babies. Not only do great pet photos give us a welcome endorphin release when we take a break to get our cuteness-fix by viewing our favorite pics. We also increasingly want to be able to post impressive pics to our social media accounts. The world needs to know how adorable our cat- and canine-companions are. Let’s explore some of the top tips for impressive pet photos for those who want to develop their furry photography hobby, as well as those looking to capitalize on the cuteness factor with a growing Instagram account dedicated to Fido or Miss Kitty Fantastico. 

For those who missed Part One, check it out. We talk about equipment, lighting, and settings. We also encourage everyone to check out Part Two, where we reveal some pro tips for beginners. In this piece, we’ll be talking about tips from professional pet photographers that can benefit just about anyone.  


Pro Tips On How To Take Insta-worthy Pet Photos, Part 3 | Vet Organics


Be patient 

We did mention staying calm, happy, and relaxed in Part Two, but it’s worth bringing it up here too. By remaining calm, happy, and relaxed, we’re more likely to put our dogs and cats at ease, which means we’ll capture their true personality. Being patient is just as important and will also yield meaningful results. Remember, our doggos and kitties have absolutely no idea what’s going on. They just know they want to play or sleep, they want food, or they need to relieve themselves. They can’t do anything about our lack of planning, a tight timeline, or poor lighting. This means patience will not only keep us in a good mood, which our fur babies will respond to more favorably, patience will also give us the energy we need to entice them into whatever photo-worthy pose we’re trying out that day. We’ll be more likely to even put in the work to train them to work with the camera. That’s right. We can train our pups and kitties to respond to us, and to the camera, if we have patience while working without fur babies, early on in the process. Take breaks. Always add an element of play. And remember how important treats are!



Pro Tips On How To Take Insta-worthy Pet Photos, Part 3 | Vet Organics


Knowing our pets

This one sounds easy, maybe even intuitive, but it can be more difficult than many newer photography hobbyists realize. Our pups and kitties will all respond a bit differently to photography situations. Playtime, exercise, meals, and all their other day-to-day activities are different from a guardian ceasing all attention and holding still while putting a black camera-thing in front of their face. It can be confusing. Some animals will want to come over and see what we’re doing. They may get a little weirded out. They may even become hyperactive or worried. Getting to know how our fur babies will respond to us during a photo session is an important way to anticipate how we might counteract any challenges to keep future sessions more fruitful, fun, and productive.



Pro Tips On How To Take Insta-worthy Pet Photos, Part 3 | Vet Organics


Get on their level

 While our shot list may call for us to get an overhead shot so we can look down at them taking a treat from our hands, for example, portraits and many action shots are much more impressive when taken at our pup or kitties eye level. It puts the viewer in the action and helps us really see the world through the eyes of our fur babies. Beginners often just stand and try to take lower pictures by bending over. The results often show awkward angles and strange shadows. By actually getting down on the ground while Fido catches the ball we roll to him, we’re more likely to get his expression, the excitement, and the setting, which leads to a more satisfying shot that tells a more complete story.



Pro Tips On How To Take Insta-worthy Pet Photos, Part 3 | Vet Organics


It’s all in the eyes

Connection happens in the eyes, whether we’re taking portraits of cats, dogs, or humans. This doesn’t mean we need our pup or kitty to stare at us or be looking at the camera. We can capture beautiful shots of animals looking longing out the window, at each other, or at some unknown that’s off-camera. If we can combine capturing the eyes with great lighting, we’re more likely to capture their personality, reveal a mood or emotion, tell a story, and maybe even capture something unexpected. We can use props, treats, squeakers, distractions, and more to get them to look where we want. The point is to look for the opportunities in their regular movements to get something that looks natural and awe-inspiring. 

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