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Pet Relocation Services (Secrets for Sorting Thru 'Em)

Pet Relocation Services (Secrets for Sorting Thru 'Em)

19111708_sThere are few activities that rival the stress of moving. The process is even more complicated if you’re being relocated overseas to a foreign country. All of this excitement may leave you too preoccupied to think about how you’re going to relocate your pet. After all, moving your best friend isn’t as easy as moving Aunt Martha’s old lamp. Pet relocation services eliminate the stress of moving your pet and give you peace of mind. Did you know that pet relocation expenses are tax deductible if you’re moving due to a change of employment? Keep reading to learn more about relocating your pet and see if a pet mover sounds right for you.

Know Before You Go

Know the requirements of your new city’s pet licensing laws and banned breeds by checking with the City Clerk’s Office before you move. If you’re moving internationally, a pet relocation service will fill you in on all the export paperwork you’ll need. Have copies of vaccination records and papers relating to identifying tags or chips on hand. Trust is important with pet movers as scamming pet lovers is sadly all too common. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) publishes information about relocation scammers so you can avoid them. Always choose a provider that’s an IPATA member. Find a service with an active (and happy) social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc.). Read other customers’ reviews. Try to vet them as an established and legitimate business. While we don’t recommend any particular pet relocation service, here are what three of the most popular pet movers provide:


With corporate, military, and large and exotic pet relocation services, PetRelocation.com will arrange all of the logistics for your pet’s travel so you can concentrate on your family’s move. They provide customized flight schedules and itineraries, 24/7 flight tracking, and climate controlled transportation so your pet is always comfortable. Your best friend will never be left alone on a tarmac thanks to PetRelocation’s dedicated pet-friendly staff. They even claim to offer airport pet hotels for your pet during layovers, where “he can be given food and water, walked, and have his crate cleaned out — all without leaving the airport!”

Animal Land Pet Movers

Animal Land Pet Movers has been transporting pets since 1998. With offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Sydney, and London, they specialize in international pet relocations and offer helpful tips about relocating your pets to specific countries on their blog. Send them a photo of your pet post-move and they’ll post it on their Facebook and Google+ pages.

WorldCare Pet Travel

WorldCare Pet Transport is the “largest executive level pet relocation firm in the world,” and preferred by many Fortune 500 companies thanks to their consistently high customer service rankings. They claim to move “thousands” of pets every year.   They’ll even send you updates of your pet during travel that look like electronic postcards to keep you in the loop. No matter which pet relocator you choose, make sure you’re 100% comfortable with them. You should be able to contact them at any time to ask questions or check on your pet. Most pet movers will be more than happy to keep you informed while getting your buddy home quickly and stress-free.
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