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Pick the Best Daybed for Your Dog

Pick the Best Daybed for Your Dog

If you’re sick of having to nudge out a space to sit on your couch because your dog’s lazing all over it, you may want to consider getting your best buddy a doggie daybed. Similar to a daybed in your home, doggie day beds look like small sofas, but are just as comfortable as dog beds. Your dog will have his very own couch to sleep on. Plus, you’ll never have to push him off the sofa and stare at his sad puppy dog eyes again. So now that you’re on board, how do you choose the right daybed? Your dog’s daybed needs to fit his needs, personality, and health issues just like your mattress fits right for your body. Here are our favorite tips for picking the best daybed for your dog:

Size Matters

Your dog’s daybed needs to fit in your home, but it also needs to be the perfect size for your dog, or else he won’t use it. The bed has to be large enough for your dog to stretch out on, but it can’t be so big that your dog feels insecure and vulnerable. Small dogs like to have smaller beds that help them feel protected and contained as if they’re sitting in a giant lap.

Daybeds can run from the very affordable, like this attractive one starting at $20.39 at Overstock...

Shape & Material

Some daybeds look more like padded benches and have raised armrests, but lack backrests. If your dog is always hot, these will let air circulate and keep him cool. A dog who likes to sleep with his head resting on a raised pillow will love those armrests. Conversely, small dogs get chilly and a raised backrest will keep them warm and cozy. They’re a perfect choice for dogs who fall asleep leaning up against you. Look for waterproof or easily washable material for your dog bed so you can wash it regularly and reduce dirt and allergens.

...to this ornate one, also from Overstock (Old World Antique Iron Scroll Design Pet Bed starting at $191.99)


Some doggie daybeds mimic real daybeds and have spring coils inside to provide extended support. Thick memory foam will feel just as comfortable as your sofa for your dog. It’s best for smaller dogs as larger dogs tend to flatten the foam over time. Heavier dogs or pups with long hair are prone to getting warm — and foam can trap heat fast. Look for cooling foam to keep your buddy comfortable.

Health Issues

If your older dog has arthritis, a tall daybed that he has to climb in and out of may hurt him too much to use daily. Find the shortest daybeds for the easiest way to walk in and fall asleep. The bed should also be supportive with thick padding that gives resistance instead of letting him sink down into a fluffy marshmallow. Orthopedic memory foam conforms to your dog’s body and will support his joints. Try to buy a daybed from a store with an easy return policy in case your dog isn’t keen on your selection. No matter which daybed you decide on, your pup will be forever grateful and you’ll be happy to stretch out on your couch again.
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