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Power of the Chip: Dog Reunited with Owners Eight Years Later

As unfortunate as it is, theft of pets is a very real issue in the United States. LaShena Harris, a resident of Memphis, knows this truth all too well. Harris left her dog outside her home for a moment, just to grab the dog’s collar, and someone swooped in, loaded the dog into a truck, and drove away. Harris never did catch whoever took the dog, and had long since given up any hope of recovering her. But luckily for Harris, her dog had been microchipped. Now, eight years later, Harris has been reunited with her dog. The reason? When the pup was surrendered to an animal shelter, shelter staff scanned it to ensure it wasn’t chipped. The microchip Harris had implanted while the dog was a puppy came up on the scanner, and the animal shelter worked to get in touch with Harris and to get the dog back into her original owner’s hands. The dog was in rough shape, with heartworm and complications from overbreeding, but thanks to a favor from a friend and donations collected through GoFundMe, she should make a full recovery. Harris is grateful to have her pup back in her life, and no doubt the dog is grateful to be back in a loving home that will protect her and ensure she’s taken care of. Moral of the story? Microchip your pets!
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