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Simple Ways to Treat Ringworms in Dogs

Simple Ways to Treat Ringworms in Dogs

The first thing you think of when hearing “ringworm” is probably a weird worm that somehow has a ring shape. But don’t let that imagination go too far - while ringworms are a little weird, they have nothing to do with a worm. Instead, it’s a skin condition caused by fungus. Ringworms are circular lesions on your dog’s skin, usually around the head, paws or ears. They can cause hair loss on dogs and are typically more likely to infect dogs with weaker immune systems. So older dogs and puppies are highly vulnerable to this condition. However, because this fungal condition is infectious, it can be contagious for other pets and even people living in the same household, touching common things, etc.

"Ringworms? What do they look like?"

If the condition is severe, it is best to refer to your vet. However, in milder cases, you can do a few things to eliminate the infection or better yet, avoid it in the first place.
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"Hey, don't tell my friends about my ringworms. They won't think I am cool."

Practice Simple Hygiene

Keep your dog and their belongings clean at all time! Let your dog take regular baths, make sure you clean up after them and disinfect their toys or occasionally replace them. This sounds super straight-forward - and it is! If you dog is in good health, this should be enough to keep the nasty ringworms away.
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"Keep my toys clean too!"

Use Antifungal Medication

Ringworms are caused by fungus, so you’ll need to use antifungal meds to combat them. Antifungal shampoos are a great option when giving your dog a bath. You can also use miconazole lotion to reduce and get rid of the infection. Once the ringworms have cleared up, keep using the treatment for a little longer, as the fungus can stay around for a few weeks. If the treatment does not help within 2 weeks, you should then visit your vet.
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"Alright good sir! I am ready for my bathing."

Prevent Ringworms from Spreading

Ringworms are contagious for the other pets in your household and even for humans. Because ringworms can be transmitted through touching, keeping top notch hygiene and disinfecting everything your dog touches is the way to go. Vacuuming frequently can also make sure to clean dog hair and prevent fungus from spreading. The key is to be extremely thorough and maintain a clean environment to avoid unhealthy conditions!
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