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Social PET-working Month

Social PET-working Month

social-PETworking-monthSocial what-working? That’s right. June is Social PETworking month. Millions of people have at least social media account. We use them to stay in touch with loved ones, follow celebrities, find the latest news, and connect with like-minded people. June is social PETworking month. This month, we can use our social media accounts to do good. Social PETworking month is dedicated to using our social networking sites to help homeless pets find loving forever homes. How can we make the most of our network to serve this heartwarming and important cause?

9 Ways to Participate

We can actually do more than simply share a post. Choose one or choose all the possibilities. There’s a whole month ahead of us we can use to take part in whatever way suits our hearts and desire to serve the cause.  
  • Follow local and national adoption supporters. Follow a humane society, rescue and adoption groups, and shelters. We can even follow authors of books about adoption. Just following these people and groups will help each of us become more aware of the amazing work being done by these groups. Is our local shelter a no kill shelter? Does the humane society have some fun activities going on, like pet-friendly fun runs, volunteer days, and fundraisers? Learning about the many ways we can get involved and support adoption-based groups is just a “Like” click away.

Too Licky is a children's book written by two 6-year-old sisters about their journey to find the "just right" rescue dog. Following and sharing projects like this book can help to spread awareness about pet adoption.

  • Share, pin, re-post, re-gram, and retweet from the social accounts and pages of adoption and rescue organizations. Beyond educating ourselves, we can take the step that actually leads to adoptions. By letting our networks know about pets in need of homes, we are creating even more opportunity for deserving fur friends to find a forever home. If someone, just one person, in our network decides to also share the message, the chances of adoption rise exponentially.
  • If we share that we are especially enthusiastic about helping these cats and canines because it’s social petworking month, we may even get more shares.
  • We can pick one furry friend to post about for the months with reminders that s/he still needs a home each week.
  • Or we can pick a different potential pet in need every day or week.

From Share to Adoption.

  • Use common visibility tactics like hashtags. Using the right hashtags can help those on Instagram and Twitter see posts they wouldn't otherwise see. Use #SocialPETworkingMonth, #OptToAdopt, #AdoptDontShop and others, will help get the message across and in front of more people.
social PETworking month

#FidoIsLookingForHome #SocialPetworkingMonth #OptToAdopt #AdoptDontShop

  • Ask for likes, comments, and shares. There’s no shame in requesting engagement when it’s for a fabulous cause. When our posts, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, are liked, shared, and receive comments, the post is shown to more people in our network. It’s called, "the algorithm," and it’s how the platforms decide what posts people are finding interesting. When the platforms see a post that is getting a lot of attention, it gets shown to even more people. Asking people to interact with the post to help more people see it is a beautiful way to hack the algorithm and grow visibility so we can connect a potential pet with his or her forever home.

Click the Heart to Support Adoption  

  • Like, share, and comment on other people’s posts that advocate adoption. Now that we know how much more visibility a post can get just because of a simple like or comment, we can be generous with our interaction choices. Click on the heart. Comment with something like, “What a sweetie. I hope s/he finds a forever home soon!” Simple, quick interactions that are nothing more than a second for us, can be the difference between a day and a year in a shelter for these homeless fur babies.

Advocate for Adoption by Engaging with Other's Posts

  • Help educate the public about adoption topics. Not everyone can handle seeing the faces and stories of homeless animals, even if we are trying to find them a home. Rather than share multiple animal profiles, we can share one or two profiles as well as stats, facts, and helpful updates.
  • Share that it’s social petworking month and let people know how they can participate by sharing this article.
  • Let people know about the importance of adopting from no-kill shelters, rather than from breeders.
  • Help to clear up common misconceptions about shelters and rescue groups, such as the idea that these animals were given away because of behavioral problems.

Help Educate Your Network About Common Adoption Misconceptions

  • Create a virtual rescue organization on Pinterest. If we choose to participate in social petworking month on Pinterest, we can create an entire board dedicated to homeless animals for the month. Post their stories, their profiles, location, and requirements, such as a child-free home. Even though Facebook networks experience fatigue if they see the same post over and over, Pinterest can handle multiple posts about dogs and cats in need with multiple updates. We can turn our petworking month board into our very own virtual rescue organization.
Social Petworking month

Create a virtual adoption center on Pinterest to help get the word out and connect dogs and cats with the perfect forever home.

  • Write a blog post to help spread the message. Vet Organics has a blog because we believe in sharing campaigns like social petworking month as well as other causes like Hug Your Cat Day and Pet Disaster Preparedness Day. Sure, we sell powerful organic remedies for dog and cats. For example, EcoEars for dogs and EcoEars for cats is an incredible solution for ear infections and itchy, smelly ears. It has provided pain relief to chronic infections for over 100,000 dogs alone! But the blog is our way of sharing our love for our pawsome pets. Anyone with a blog can link to this article while sharing their own ideas about participating in social petworking month. Don’t have a blog? Many blogs invite guest posts from people who have a worthy cause to write about.

Share this article and then write your own.

  • Use real-world word-of-mouth. Even though we tend to focus on social media as an answer because it allows us to broadcast to many people at once, word-of-mouth is still the most powerful way to ensure a message is memorable, which makes it more likely to be acted upon. Remember to talk about social petworking month and the problem of homeless animals while asking that people participate. Share the message on playdates, hikes, in line at the grocery store, and especially at the dog park. Helping to save petentials from a lonely life in a shelter or worse is that easy.

There are so many wonderful dogs and cats looking for their loving forever home. You'll both be jumping for joy when a perfect match is made. Join the Cause!

For many of us, a quick visit to at least one social media account is part of our daily routine. Even if it isn’t, couldn’t we make it part of our routine for one month? Taking part in this special challenge to connect loving pet parents with their newest family member is worth just 5 minutes a day for social petworking month, right?

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