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Adventure Cats Gone Wild, Part 2

It is a curiosity that cats are rarely considered the ideal choice by adventurous folks. There are, in fact, cats with adventurous purr-sonalities who will enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. Learn how to choose, train, and venture into the great outdoors with your adventure cat. 

Adventure Cats Gone Wild, Part 1

  Outdoorsy folks might be surprised to find that their spirit animal can take the form of a cat. If we find a cat with the right temperament for o...

Are You Stressing Your Cat Out?

If you know cats, then you know they don’t always express stress the same way as dogs or people. Learn how to recognize the signs of stress in your cat, as well as how to reduce her stress and ensure a long, healthy, happy life. 

How To Find A Lost Indoor Cat

One of the worst feelings in the world is the moment we realize our indoor cat got out, and we can’t find them. Before we fly into a panic, know that the odds are on our side, but only if we know how and where to look. It’s more than posting flyers and hoping for the best. Learn more here. 

Do Cats Cry? What Do Their Tears Mean?

Cat behavior remains one of the universe’s greatest mysteries, even though we have seen great leaps and bounds in kitty behavioral science.  When they make crying sounds or are teary-eyed, are they really crying? Find out here.

What Is Kitty Trying To Tell You?

Why did you get a cat? To please and serve, of course! But the only way you can be the best human subject to your royal feline is if you can actually understand what she’s trying to tell you. Learn what your cat is trying to tell you from Vet Organics.

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