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The Slow Blink - What It Means And How To Return Cat Affection

Cats talk to us all the time and in many different ways. They show a range of emotions, make demands, and train us with body language, sounds, and more. Learn all about the most coveted of the cat messages here.

Telling Our Cats We Love Them

Whether we are first-time cat guardians, long-time feline friends, or we aren’t a cat guardian, but the people around us, like family, roommates, and friends, have brought cats into our lives, everyone can learn something about how to tell our cats we love them in ways they can understand.

Do You Have A Bonded Cat Family? Part Two

Most of us notice cat relationships are similar to humans in that we all have preferences and we all have social norms. But cats have a special way of bonding with us as well as others. Find out what bonding behaviors our cats may be communicating and learn surefire ways to bond with any cat.

Bonded Cats and Their Mysterious Social Structures, Part One

Read on to better understand the social structure of cats and how to help promote health cat families within our households. We’ll talk about bonded cats, territories, and hierarchical systems. Deepen your knowledge of our feline friends, and you’ll be able to create a better home for them, and yourself.

Cat Training - Basic Commands to Make Life With Your Cat Easier, Part-Two

Cat training can seem like an impossible challenge. However, when we know how they think and have the right tips and tools, we can have any cat happily jumping through hoops and sitting pretty in no time. Read more for fundamentals and commands that will jump-start your training.

7 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

We love our cats, but they can do some pretty weird stuff. Some of these behaviors leave us feeling pretty neglected. Others lead to the creation of memes and viral phrases. Right now, we're going to explain the rest, the ones that leave us scratching our heads.

How Smart Is Your Cat?

We’ll probably never see a bomb-sniffing or seeing-eye cat. Though we depend on dogs to work long days, we rarely trust cats with anything so important. Get the final word on whether we're doing our felines a disservice. They may be smarter than us all.

Cat Head Bunting: What It Means And How To Respond

Cats are quirky, mysterious, and peculiar.  Many cat guardians ask about head bunting, and we agree, it’s a behavior worth learning more about. Find out more here, at Vet Organics.

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