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Top Cat Breeds for Families with Kids

Adding a cat to the family is a great way to teach our kids compassion, responsibility, and communication. It’s also a way to contribute to our community in a meaningful way. Learn more here about the benefits of cat guardianship and breeds that may be better for family life.  

Health Risks for Overweight Cats

Just like all of us, being overweight or obese can have serious health consequences for cats. Being fluffy and round may make them look adorable, but there is nothing delightful about deteriorating health. If we neglect to address their weight problem, we'll put our sweet kitty at risk. Here's what we all need to know. 

How To Find A Lost Indoor Cat

One of the worst feelings in the world is the moment we realize our indoor cat got out, and we can’t find them. Before we fly into a panic, know that the odds are on our side, but only if we know how and where to look. It’s more than posting flyers and hoping for the best. Learn more here. 

Pee-yew! Why Does Kitty’s Breath Stink?

One of the best things about being guardian to a kitty fur baby is their obsessive need to groom themselves, which makes them more low-maintenance than most dogs. But cats can't do much for themselves if they get bad breath. So, if we notice our kitty has bad breath, should we be worried? Find out here. 

Telling Our Cats We Love Them

Whether we are first-time cat guardians, long-time feline friends, or we aren’t a cat guardian, but the people around us, like family, roommates, and friends, have brought cats into our lives, everyone can learn something about how to tell our cats we love them in ways they can understand.

How Playtime Shapes a Cat's Life

Playtime is vital to a cat’s life. Learn more about what playtime means to a cat’s health and wellness, and how to integrate the right kinds of play into any cat companion’s days.

How Smart Is Your Cat?

We’ll probably never see a bomb-sniffing or seeing-eye cat. Though we depend on dogs to work long days, we rarely trust cats with anything so important. Get the final word on whether we're doing our felines a disservice. They may be smarter than us all.

Orange Cats Of The World - Unite! For Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Every September first is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! This year we are celebrating by sharing facts, figures, and other fun tidbits about tabbies you probably didn’t know! Find out more here. 

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